Penis Size

Penis Size Versus Vaginal Size

Do a standard Internet search on the phrase “penis size” and you’ll be immediately inundated with hundreds of thousands of results. Due to the openness our society has achieved talking about the size of a man’s penis and his performance in the bedroom is no longer taboo. Curiously enough, the number of resources talking about vaginal size is incredibly limited. We won’t speculate as to why this is so, but we do want to address how both work together to create the sexual experience between couples.

Beginning with the size of a man’s penis, this is something that men have used to judge themselves since the beginning of time. In the male mind the strongest, most prodigious among us have large penises that can “get the job done.” Unfortunately, we also tend to equate the size of the penis with the level of performance in the bedroom. Small men typically think of themselves as lousy lovers even though that’s seldom the case. As a matter of fact, the size of a man’s penis has very little to do with whether or not he can please his partner.

For both men and women to enjoy maximum pleasure requires a combination of physical, emotional, and mental stimuli. In terms of the physical, a man can learn how to best stimulate his partner regardless of the size of his penis. Study after study has confirmed this in the fact that the vast majority of women believe the size of their men to be perfect.

The Issue of Vaginal Size

The size question among men usually emanates from the idea that the tighter fit the better the feeling. Physiologically that is true. But what most people don’t realize is that vaginal size is at least as important as penis size, if not more so.

When a man and woman experience a loose fit the woman suffers more because it makes it more difficult for proper stimulation of the clitoris, vaginal wall, and G-spot. By contrast, a tight fit makes that stimulation much easier. But here’s the thing; a woman can tighten her vagina just as easily as a man can increase the size of his penis. When both men and women do their part the results are extraordinary.

The key for women is to learn to do Kegel exercises. These exercises were developed in the 1940s as a means of preparing women for labor and delivery and helping patients of both sexes deal with incontinence issues. In women, the Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor which enable her to endure the delivery process much more easily.

As an added benefit, they also tighten up the vagina at the same time. When the woman’s vagina is as tight as possible her sex organs become much more sensitive and more easily stimulated. Research has shown that women who practice Kegel exercises achieve orgasm more often than those who don’t.

These exercises can benefit men as well. They can help him in achieve extremely hard erections, reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation, and even increase the amount of ejaculate produced. Combined with a male enhancement supplement and a penis enlargement device Kegel exercises can have great benefits.

Performing Kegel Exercises

The best part of these exercises is that anyone can do them. In fact, they’re so easy to perform that doctors sometimes suggest children do so if they are suffering from bed wetting issues. To perform the Kegel exercise, just imagine what your body naturally does when you’re trying to prevent urination. You have this tightening in your abdomen in order to hold the sphincter muscles closed until such time as you can find a toilet. When you do this, you’re naturally performing the same act that you’re trying to mimic with Kegel exercises.

You practice these exercises by simply forcing your abdomen to close your sphincter muscles. Hold that position for as long as you can (that will typically be 3 to 5 seconds when you first get started). As you practice over the course of several days and weeks you’ll find that you can hold the position longer. Do this for 8 to 10 repetitions per session, three or four sessions per day. You find that after a very short time the muscles of the pelvic floor are increasingly stronger.

Women should notice a demonstrable tightening of the vagina as well as enhanced pleasure during sexual stimulation. Men should notice increased penile sensitivity as well as the ability to better control ejaculation. Both partners should definitely notice an increase in overall sexual satisfaction.

Adding a Penis Enlargement Device

For men, adding a penis enlargement device is the final piece of the puzzle. By using something like a penis extender a man can add both length and girth to his member. Doing so will increase the sensation of the tight fit and thus, enhance the sexual pleasure of himself and his partner. Devices like the penis extender are safe and easy-to-use, and provide real, verifiable results.


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