Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises aren’t just for women!

Most people know that women can perform kegel exercises to help increase their orgasms and give them better control over their bladder functions; however the common misconception is that kegel exercises are only for women. Kegel exercises have numerous benefits for men and can be helpful at any age.

Dr. Arnold Kegel was the gynecologist who invented the kegel exercises and he intended it to help women who were suffering from incontinence, and vaginal prolapses. Today they are used to help strengthen orgasms, aid in childbirth, and even reduce premature ejaculation in men!

In order to do kegel exercises you must first know where the muscles are that need to be activated. The “kegel” muscles, as they are commonly referred to, are the muscles located around the bottom of the pelvic floor and help hold the uterus up for women as well as play a crucial part in bladder functions in both men and women.

How to perform kegel exercises without tools

Kegel exercises are something people do often without even knowing it! Both men and women do kegel exercises the exact same way. If you have never done kegel exercises before then you may not quite know where the muscles are that you need to activate, so you can perform this simple task:

  • Wait until you need to urinate then go to the bathroom and begin relieving yourself
  • During midstream attempt to stop your flow
  • Once you are able to completely stop or almost stop urinating midstream then you will feel a pull in your pelvic area and that will be the kegel muscles contracting

Now that you know where your kegel muscles are you can do the same “flow stopping” action several times during the day following this exercise method:

  • Contract your kegel muscles
  • Keep the muscles contracted for five seconds (or as long as you can)
  • Release your muscles
  • Repeat this exercise 10x’s for 3x’s a day

What tools can you use to exercise your kegel muscles?

Female kegel exercise devices

Barbells – this is a small weight that is inserted into the vagina and the woman will involuntarily contract her muscles to keep the device from falling out. These devices are stainless steel and usually weigh about one pound.

E-Stim device – this device is used by inserting a small probe into the vagina and then having an electric current run through the probe. This current will be minor and will cause the muscles touching the probe to twitch and contract.

Vaginal Exercisers – these exercisers use springs to that apply increasing force to the kegel muscles and biofeedback will ensure that the proper muscles are being targeted.

Male kegel exercise devices

Kegel exercise device – Unlike female devices that are inserted into the vagina, the male kegel exercise device is actually inserted into the anus. To use this device the male will sit on an ergonomic foam pad as the device is inserted. Once it’s inserted it is activated and begins to cause the pelvic muscles to contract. Used over time this device will increase the strength of the kegel muscle however most results are not felt for several weeks.

What tools can you use to help exercise the kegel muscles”?

What are the benefits of kegel exercises?

Incontinence – In both males and females incontinence is an embarrassing and debilitating problem that can usually be fixed with kegel exercises. Usually urinary incontinence that is stress induced is caused by stressful situations and a lowered ability to retain urine in the bladder because of insufficient pelvic wall muscles.

Vaginal Prolapse – This issue is restricted to females and is often caused by lack of muscles holding the inner vaginal wall up in its normal position. Prior to surgery, doctors and urologists suggest kegel exercises as a possible noninvasive solution to this issue. While kegel exercises are not always successful in rectifying the situation in the first place, they will be needed post-surgery to strengthen the muscles and ensure proper healing to the vaginal and pelvic area.

Sexual Function – For men, improving sexual performance is always a great thing. Men who have problems with premature ejaculation and who have less than satisfactory orgasms will definitely find relief after doing kegel exercises for a while. These exercises improve the strength of a man’s orgasms, the hardness of their penis during erection, and also help men maintain their erection for longer! Additionally women also see improved orgasms after doing kegel exercises for a period of time. The strengthened muscles can even help women regain their sexual function faster after childbirth!

Overall kegel exercises are definitely not just for women, despite the common misconception that they are! Increasing sexual performance is a huge side benefit for many men and women who do kegel exercises however these exercises can also help people have normal sex lives! Debilitating problems such as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and even vaginal prolapse are all things that can be resolved by doing kegel exercises!


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