Penis Size

Women and Your Penis Size

Women and Your Penis Size

The topic of penis size when it relates to women has always been a fairly popular yet confusing topic. Do women like large penises (8-12 inches)? Do they like average penises (5-7 inches)? Or are smaller penises enough to satisfy them (3-4 inches)?

The problem with answering these questions directly is that there is no concrete answer. Most women have personal preferences towards penis sizes where they decide based on their own experience what size penis they most enjoy being satisfied by. Another issue here is not all women have experienced the full spectrum of different sizes, meaning they have nothing to compare what they’ve experienced to.
Women and Your Penis Size
All in all, however, it seems as if there is a pretty clear sentiment from experienced women that the size of a man’s penis does, in fact, matter. Men with larger penises have the ability to penetrate parts of the vagina that men with smaller penises simply cannot. This increases the chance that women will experience an orgasm and also increases the possibility that it will happen multiple times.

Importance of Performance

While penis size is important, it should be noted that many women have mentioned that they’ve had bad sexual experiences with men that have large penises for multiple reasons. For one, it seems that men with larger penises feel that getting an erection and thrusting is all they have to do to satisfy women. Secondly, thrusting violently into a women’s vagina and consistently pounding the urethra can be quite painful for them. At the end of the day, how a man performs with his penis will always be more important than the actual size that he has to work with.

What is the Perfect Size?

It is clear from the interviews of multiple women that there really is no ‘perfect’ size. It seems to be that the most effective size for satisfying women while not being too painful lies on the high end of average and the low end of large. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7-9 inches seems to be best for optimal satisfaction purposes. This surely doesn’t mean, however, that men with penises both larger and smaller than that can’t properly satisfy women.

Increasing Your Size

If your penis size is somewhere in the 3-7 inch range, there are plenty of penis extender devices and products out there that can effectively increase your size. Total Penis Health is one of the many great sites on the web that outline different penis enlargement options through their male enhancement reviews. These devices provide men with the opportunity to increase their penis size from anywhere from 1-3 inches and put them in the optimal range for satisfying women.

A lot of men are a little weary of checking out penis extender devices because they don’t want to admit that their size isn’t already enough. There is no shame, however, in attempting to increase your size no matter what size you’re currently at. Think of it in the same way that you think about working out to increase the size of your biceps or develop a six pack. No matter how big your biceps look or how developed your six pack is, there is always room for improvement. Take that same attitude towards improvement into your view of what penis extender devices can do for your body.

While surgery is also an option for penis enlargement, most penile extender review(s) will tell you that surgery isn’t effective enough to be worth the cost and potential side effects. Most penis extender pills and devices can provide similar results while being much cheaper and safer options. Exercises can also be used in conjunction with these products to achieve the optimal size.

At the end of the day, all men should understand that penis extender options are out there for everybody. Don’t let your penis size destroy your confidence and sexual performance. Check out the penis enlargement reviews on sites like Total Penis Health and see what these products can do for you.


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