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How Exercising Can Help Boost the Results of Your Penis Extender

Exercising with penis extender

For men who have concerns about the shape or size of their penis, investing in a high-quality and well made penis extender I a great idea. There are several models with a proven track record which help with size, but taking extra help to help make the most of these devices can give you even better results. Simple exercises can help prepare your penis for the penis extender Exercising with penis extenderbefore you put it on and other exercises can help to simply make the most of the effects of the device when you’re not wearing it. In the case of each of these exercises, forget the old adage of ‘no pain, no gain’. These exercises should NEVER cause you pain and if you experience intense discomfort, dial back the intensity or choose a different exercise.

Warming Up Before You Wear Your Penis Extender

Although most directions and literature for extenders discuss the importance of warming up before you put the device on, too many men skip this step. But just as you need to stretch and warm up your muscles before a vigorous workout or big game, getting the muscles of your penis warmed up can help improve the results you get from your penis extender. To warm up your muscles before using the extender, follow this simple routine.

Stretch out your flaccid penis so that the entire shaft is extended. Hold the stretch for about 15 seconds then slowly release for a count of 5 and rest for another count of five. Repeat the routine 5 times and then let your penis rest for at least 15 seconds. You can do this exercise before putting on your penis extender in order to get the muscles along the shaft warmed up and more pliable.

Kegel Exercises

When most people hear the word ‘Kegel’ they think it’s simply something women do. In fact, Kegel exercises can help men just as much. Performing the exercise is simple – just pretend you’re trying to stop the flow of urine by tightening your pelvic muscles. Hold for a count of 10 then release. You can perform this move absolutely anyway – even as you’re sitting at work – since they are undetectable by anyone. The result? A more toned pelvis which means better control over your bladder and, more to the point, a more muscular foundation for your erections.


Jelqing is a fairly ancient art, developed in the Middle East and still in use today. Jelqing is, simply put, the manual manipulation of the penis in order to encourage growth. The exercises can be used to encourage both length and girth and there are millions of men who swear by the routine. A full Jelqing routine can take, on average, 30 minutes to complete and should only be done once a day. When it comes to this sort of exercise regimen, more is definitely not better.

To begin, your penis should be warmed up and about half erect. You can warm the area up by taking a hot shower or placing a warm cloth over your penis for about five minutes. Jelqing exercises involve increasing blood flow to the penis through manual massage while partially restricting blood flow by grasping the base. It’s best to go through this routine in detail and, if Jelqing is something that interests you, find a comprehensive review of the various routines before trying them out.

Possible Side Effects

As with any new routine, penile exercises should be something you ease into. Remember, your penis will be going from a carefree life of little exercise to suddenly being moved, massaged and manipulated overnight. Don’t try every exercise you find all at once, especially if you’re also starting to use a penis extender at the same time. Instead, begin with warm up exercises that will prepare the area for your extender and use gentle exercises to support that work when you’re not wearing the device. This approach can help bolster the effects of the device you’ve chosen and give you the results you want quickly and safely.


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