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What Women Really Want – We Dared to Ask

What women really want

Gentlemen, sit down and take note. We took a very private poll of some bluntly honest, sexually active women between the ages of 24 and 54 to find out what they wanted in bed and why. Their answers are sometimes startling and definitely eye-opening.  You’ll want these responses written inside your hand as quick tips for every bedroom play date you’re lucky enough to experience from this moment on.

What women really wantFrom penis size to sexual stamina, these women might change your mind about some of the stuff you thought you always knew. We asked their thoughts about penis enlargement. Only a handful of them actually blushed, so these savvy ladies could talk sex with refreshing openness we know you’ll appreciate as much as we did.

Size and Stamina

We asked the women to tell us what size penis they truly preferred and why. No matter their age range, women tended to agree that there’s definitely a line when it’s too small, as much as many of them wish that wasn’t the case.

Robyn, age 36, said “If he’s 5 inches or less, I have a hard time feeling enough pleasure to reach orgasm.” When asked if she thought if a penis extender was a good idea, she replied “Wow, do those things really exist? Yes, definitely! I would be pretty flattered if a lover of mine took that step for both of us.”

Danni, age 28, leaned in to whisper her answers to us, as her boyfriend was on the other side of the door. “I love his size, but he sometimes can’t get hard enough. He can’t seem to talk about it, but I really want to. I wish I knew what to do. Would a penis extender help him with something like that?”

LaTonya, age 44, thinks the inches are directly related to sexual stamina. “I dated a man once who had really quick orgasms. At first, I thought he just didn’t care about me finishing, too. Then I realized that the fact that he was a smaller size probably had something to do with it. I couldn’t keep seeing him. He was sweet, but he refused to admit that there was a problem or do anything about it.”

Turns out size does matter for a woman’s pleasure if his penis isn’t big enough to create the right friction and stimulation. If you always assumed it was simply an aesthetics thing that women liked men with more girth, you’re wrong. Physiology is an important factor here and these women felt it was time to tell the truth – their pleasure often depends on a man’s size, too.

Confidence vs. Cockiness

The consensus with these women was that bigger is better, except when it’s not. That statement isn’t as confusing after they explained.

Look, I don’t need a man to have mammoth equipment.” Brittany, age 33, was both candid and giggly as she talked. ”In fact, a really big penis could cause pain and I’m not into that. All any of us are really looking for in a partner is that “average” to “above average” size that just, you know….fits like a puzzle piece!”

Yet Jessica, age 50, disagreed. “I’m sorry to be one of those women, but I want them big. I mean really, really big. That said I cannot stand a man who thinks he’s a gift to women just because he’s got more inches. I’d much rather make love with a man of average size who is confident and caring, than with a cocky guy with a huge member who is too full of himself.”

Donna, age 47, had a similar view about a man’s attitude. “I just really like a man with confidence about his body. If using a penis extender is going to give him the confidence he lacks about his look and his sexual abilities, then I say go for it.”

On the subject of male size and enhancement, most of these women agreed that a confident man was a sexy man – but a cocky man was no picnic at any size. They said men who felt that using a penis extender would lift their spirits while adding inches should feel proud of doing so. Their message to men who have all the inches they could ever want? Keep that pride in check, as size isn’t the only factor in making a woman want to get physical.

A positive attitude, sexual stamina, caring about their partner’s pleasure – all had just as much value and importance as size for women of all ages.