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Four Crazy Myths About Sex That Might Surprise You

Crazy Myths About Sex

People may love to talk about sex, but that doesn’t mean they always know what they’re talking about. As adults when we think about sexual myths or urban legends we usually think of the things we heard on the playground as children or sitting in bars next to men – and women – who suddenly became sexperts once they had a few beers. But we tend to think that we don’t personally still believe in any sex myths. But you may be surprised as the sexual ‘facts’ which still get trotted out on talk shows and in conversation which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Women Don’t Have the Same Sex Drive As Men

Crazy Myths About SexThe female sex drive has been something of a mystery. Culturally, women have been discouraged from exhibiting a high sex drive and, as a result, we have all come to believe that women aren’t as interested in sex as men are. A study published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality found that more than half of the women polled considered themselves to be ‘highly sexual’. Of course there’s also a plethora of anecdotal evidence to refute this tenacious myth as well. Cosmopolitan is perhaps the most well known women’s magazine in circulation today which regularly features articles on male enhancement and female sexuality.

A Whole New Twist on the Search for Bigfoot

This myth has been incredibly persistent and is still regarded by many – if not most – as a fact of life. It’s occasionally given a twist by saying that his penis size can be predicted by his hand size or the size and shape of his nose. Sometimes this little tidbit is even mentioned on male enhancement and penis extender review websites as a joke about needing to buy bigger shoes once their product has done the job. Although it’s been disputed for generations through anecdotal evidence, science finally put the myth to rest in 2002. A research team in Great Britain published an article in the British Journal of Urology International sharing their findings that penis and shoe size shared no correlation whatsoever.

Women Only Want One Thing

The debate over what women want in bed is one which will likely never be fully solved. There are those who claim women only want one thing – size. Others insist that what women really want is a man who knows how to use what he has to work with, regardless of length or girth. Scientific studies have found both to be true so chances are the truth lies somewhere in between. But when it comes to size, it clearly plays a part in how satisfied a woman is. This can be easily seen in the surge of options in the male enhancement industry. Products like penis extenders, vacuum pumps and supplements and other male enhancement products have all seen a massive increase in sales, suggesting that men are finally realizing it’s a combination of strength, size, stamina and performance that keeps a woman coming back for more.

Masturbation is Bad for You and Your Relationships

Although many people now know there’s no chance of masturbation causing blindness, many do still believe that masturbation can lead to health problems and can also hurt your relationship. In reality, masturbation can actually improve both your personal health and your intimate relationships. Regular masturbation for men has been linked to a lower chance of prostate cancer as well as actually boosting prostate health. Both men and women experience lower stress levels, reduced blood pressure and even better skin as a result of regular masturbation. A couple’s relationship can be helped as well. Many men use masturbation as a way to control their own orgasms – A quick flick of the wrist before you jump between the sheets and you’ll last longer. Masturbation is one of the best male enhancement tools if you learn more about it.

These myths have been around for generations and will probably continue to be passed down to generations to come. So the next time you overhear someone speculating on a guy’s package as he laces up his size 13 shoes, take a moment to clue them in. Who knows, you might become a sexpert in your own right.


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