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5 Male Enhancement Myths Debunked


Self-help products have always been popular, not only for their convenience but for the control they give people. They’ve also been the focus of scepticism and doubt due, in part, to certain unscrupulous companies. But the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of Do It Yourself methods for self-improvement which have been proven to work over the years. Still, when something is seen as being a bit taboo, it’s difficult for people to find out the truth. That’s why we’ve gathered together 5 myths about male enhancement to set the record straight once and for all.

If you’re having problems in bed, you need medical help.

This myth about male enhancement is so persistent because there’s a bit of truth at its core. Sexual performance is absolutely tied to overall health and problems with erectile health, premature or delayed ejaculation and both stamina and libido can potentially be related to an underlying health concern. At the same time, these issues are also common in men with no underlying health issues and are not always linked to any other issue. In fact, conditions like premature ejaculation are exceedingly common and often present on their own. While these are not usually connected to a medical condition, they are often associated with unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, over eating or stress.

All male enhancement products are the same.

There was a time when there simply wasn’t much selection when it came to male enhancement products. These days, though, the playing field is bigger than ever before so no matter what problem you’re having there’s something that can help. Best of all, the variety in products means that you have plenty of choice depending on how you want to address the issue. There are supplements for those who prefer a more hands on approach, manuals and advice for those who want to do things as naturally as possible and medical devices for more extreme options.

Supplements never work.

SupplementsSupplements are a popular way for people to maintain their health and make improvements through nutrition. Daily vitamins are perhaps the most common form of supplement and others have become well-known for their proven efficacy. Ginger, garlic and St. John’s Wort for example have all become established and trusted methods to treat everything from high blood pressure to depression. It’s true that not all supplements are effective and buyers must do a bit of research by checking out ingredients and male enhancement reviews in order to learn more about specific brands, but there are a number of reputable and proven stand along supplements and blends which can improve your health.

Your sex drive should remain the same once you’re in your thirties.

Few things in life remain steady and sex drive definitely isn’t one of them. A person’s sex drive, or libido, can fluctuate throughout their lives, often feeling like a roller coaster as they enter adulthood. A man’s libido may stabilize once he’s in his thirties but that doesn’t mean it will remain at the same level no matter what else is happening. Libido can be affected by a man’s overall health as well as other things going on in his life. Stress at work, problems at home and even concerns over world events can all sap a man’s sexual energy. Likewise, positive changes can put things back to rights so don’t worry about minor fluctuations.

Male enhancement products are all a scam.

The male enhancement industry is, in many ways, similar to the diet industry – there are some great companies and some real stinkers. The trick is to disconnect from the sales hype and use unbiased male enhancement reviews to better evaluate your options. By reading through male enhancement reviews on third party websites and forums you can find the products and companies that truly work and focus your energy and attention on methods that will improve your health instead of just draining your bank account.


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