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How much is too much Masturbation?

As children enter their teenage years and go through puberty, many start masturbating. Masturbation is a completely healthy and natural thing for both men and women however it is somewhat taboo and isn’t often discussed. Most parents find it somewhat appalling to even bring up the subject of masturbation to their teens and the act is therefore ‘secretive’. This lack of knowledge and approval from parent’s results in adults who are not only just as embarrassed when discussing masturbation, but also don’t know the essential facts.

Most adults involved in a sexual relationship will still continue to masturbate despite having sex (usually) however many have questions and doubts about masturbation that go unanswered. Here we will discuss the two biggest questions that both men and women have about masturbation: How much is too much and can it really hurt your sex life/marriage?

Excessive masturbation is usually something that is attributed to men however women can be just as guilty of it as men. Excessive masturbation can be because the person is addicted to it or because there are other reasons behind the act, it still is unhealthy. For both men and women there are physical and mental side effects to excessive masturbation.

Physical side effects for women

  • Burning – caused by excessive stimulation to the area. Burning can be felt during urination and normally.
  • Irritation – Irritation by over stimulation can lead to redness, pain, and tenderness.
  • UTI’s – Urinary tract infections caused by bacteria and over-stimulation.
  • Bacterial infections – UTI’s and other infections can easily be contracted when over stimulated.
  • Pelvic pain – Pelvic pain caused by infections or ill posture.
  • Lower back pain – lower back pain caused by ill posture when masturbating.
  • Fatigue – fatigue caused by excessive stimulation and masturbating.

Physical side effects for men

  • Penile bruising – caused by too much rubbing and even rough masturbation.
  • Pelvic pain – caused by ill posture during masturbation.
  • Smaller ejaculation amounts – smaller ejaculate amounts are caused by too much ejaculation and there is not enough built up for a larger amount.
  • Testicular pain – caused by excessive ejaculation and stimulation.
  • Lower back pain – pain in lower back can radiate up from the pelvic pain or be caused from hunching over and ill posture.
  • Fatigue – fatigue caused by excessive stimulation and masturbating.

How often should you masturbate?

While excessive masturbation has some pretty serious side effects and consequences, doctors actually recommend normal masturbation because it is good for your overall physical and sexual health. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is an apt description of why you should masturbate. The ejaculate that you release will allow your body to begin making new ejaculate. Additionally masturbation releases a lot of stress and frustration because endorphins are released in the brain. This makes a great ending to a stressful day!

Some people masturbate only once a week while others masturbate five times a day however there is a recommended number. To maintain a healthy and regular masturbation habit many suggest that you only masturbate about two to three times a week.

Can over masturbation hurt your sex life or marriage?

Simple answer: yes. As you saw earlier there are a significant number of symptoms that can arise when you over masturbate, however there are a lot of symptoms that can really affect your sexual relationship with your partner.

Whenever you are in a relationship with someone else, the sexual part plays a massive role. Because too much of anything is never good, you need to keep your masturbation to a limited amount so that you can fully enjoy the sexual relationship with your partner. Continue reading below to find out how too much masturbation can hurt your relationship and why keeping it to a minimum is essential.

Better orgasms – when you masturbate daily your orgasms will not be as powerful. If you try to keep your masturbation limit to two or three a week then your orgasms will be much more intense when you and your partner get down to it.

Partner’s feelings – if you are in a relationship with someone who is more than willing to have sex with you, then masturbation should be the last thing in your mind! Also, if she’s female, your partner may not know exactly why you are masturbating so much. This can lead to feelings of resentment because she may feel that you’d prefer your hand versus actual sex.

Release your stress – most guys masturbate because of sexual frustration however many of them also masturbate when they are incredibly stressed. While this is normal, you should not use masturbation as your only way to relieve stress. Fixing the source of your stress will help you significantly improve your overall state of mind and allow you to have a normal sexual relationship with yourself and your partner.

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