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5 Things Every Woman Should Know about the Male Penis

Just as most men are ignorant of the female sex organs, and therefore don’t know how to give them the proper attention, women are equally ignorant of the penis. Ignorance on both sides can lead to feelings of 5 Things Every Woman Should Know about the Male Penisinadequacy, unsatisfying lovemaking, and lack confidence. And while there have been many self-help articles designed to train men how to sexually please their partners, little has been produced to teach women about their male partners.

With the next few paragraphs we’d like to introduce the top five things every woman should know about the male penis. Perhaps this will get some discussion going that will prove profitable for couples who read this.

Keep in mind that sexual satisfaction is a very personal thing between couples. What one couple may find pleasurable another may not. Take the things you read below with a grain of salt, realizing that anything you do in response to them will have varying results.

#1 – Flaccid Size Is No Indicator of Erect Size

It’s strange, but most men don’t even realize this fact about penises. But the truth is that flaccid size and erect size are rarely proportional. You could have a man who is extremely small in the flaccid state but a true monster when erect. Likewise, a man could have unusually large penis when flaccid but only average size when erect. If size is important to you as a woman, it only matters when erect anyway. So don’t worry about what he looks like flaccid.

Furthermore, be aware that temperature is one of things that affect flaccid size. For example, if you and your man go swimming in a cold lake don’t be surprised if you notice a bit of shrinkage when you get out. That’s a natural reaction to cold as the body is pulling blood supply away from less essential body parts in order to keep the heart, lungs, and other essential parts warmer.

#2 – It’s All about Friction

Male sexual stimulation is all about friction. Some men like the feel of lubrication and moisture, others don’t. But friction is the key to helping a man achieve orgasm regardless of how much lubrication he prefers. Since the head and glans of the penis are the most sensitive parts in most men, women should concentrate their friction there. It’s also helpful to try different sources and methods of creating friction in order to keep things fresh.

If your man prefers lubricant be aware that he may be sensitive to some brands. If he notices any adverse reaction to one, try another brand instead.

#3 – Take It Easy

The porn industry has done a great disservice to our sex lives because it creates unnatural expectations. Unfortunately, many couples think the harder the thrust the better the experience. But for some men thrusting too hard too quickly can actually be painful. Unless your man initiates hard and fast, take it easy. If you are stimulating him orally or manually, pay attention to how he reacts. If he seems to pull away from your movement you may be too hard; try being a little bit softer.

#4 – He Can Hold On

It is entirely possible for the average man to increase his stamina and hold on longer than you think. For women, the perception that a man cannot learn control ejaculations leads many to simply let him go until he explodes, whether or not she has reached the point of orgasm. This can make for unfulfilled sex for both partners. If you find things are too short for the both of you, suggest to your man that try doing some Kegel exercises. These exercises can help him control himself and last longer. You can learn about Kegels by looking them up online.
Men Are Obsessed with Size

#5 – Men Are Obsessed with Size

This last one you may be already very well aware of. But if not, take our word for it: men are obsessed with the size of their penises. Some of this is due to the porn industry; some of it is due to the fact that cultural influences have measured a man’s manhood for generations according to the size of his member. Fortunately, these cultural norms are just that and nothing more. Besides, a man’s penis size has very little to do with its function.

That said, if your man is obsessed and believe he’s too small, you can help him by encouraging them to use a penile extender. This incredible device has been used by thousands of men around the world to add both length and girth safely and effectively.

A penile extender works by applying a constant but gentle pulling motion on the penis. This increases blood flow and stretches the underlying spongy tissue, thus promoting additional tissue production gently and uniformly. The best thing is that the added size is permanent. This makes devices like the penile extender superior to penis pumps, creams and lotions, and surgery. For more information about penile extenders and detailed reviews of the best selling extenders please visit the penile extender review section.


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