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How to Spot Fake Male Enhancement Reviews and What You Can Do About It

Fake Male Enhancement Reviews

Fake male enhancement reviews have become a hot topic in the professional male enhancement industry and the large community of men who use these products regularly. A small segment of companies have tainted the industry for years now but as more men learn how to spot these fake reviews, they are also taking action to rid the industry of the problem and promote a better reputation and future for male enhancement.

Four Signs of a Fake Review

When reading through male enhancement reviews, men can learn about products that they might have known about otherwise. Reviews offer an inside view of each person’s experience with a product which is what makes them so powerful. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous companies that recognize the power these reviews have but who aren’t willing to put in the work to get them honestly. These companies hire writers to write falsified reviews. Fortunately, if you know what to look for they can be easy to spot.

Poor Grammar and Spelling – The people who write these reviews are not professional writers. In some cases, English is not their first language. As a result, the reviews they write are riddled with spelling grammar errors and often look as though they were written by a child.

No Complaints … Ever – The reviews these companies pay for have to be positive so the writers never mention any kind of problem with the company, the product or the results. It’s rare for any product to be perfect so a review that doesn’t mention any kind of problem is likely fake.

Vague on Everything But the Results – Since these reviewers never see of use the product, they can’t write about them in any real detail. Instead, they focus on the results which they focus on entirely.

Unbelievable Results – When these fake writers are focusing on the results, they exaggerate and make up results that simply are not possible. The companies paying for them don’t care about fact checking so they get published with claims like doubling in size or seeing results within just a few weeks.

What to Do When You Spot a Fake Male Enhancement Review

Now that you know how spot a fake review, the question becomes What Can You Do About It? May websites are eager to learn about fake male enhancement reviews and there is usually a “Report this Review” option alongside each review they post. Simply click the link and fill out the form to submit the review in question. Give specifics about why you think it’s a fake.

When fake reviews are seen on community forums, don’t engage the author. Instead, go straight to the community moderators or administrators and let them know what you suspect is going on. Once again, be sure to include specifics about why you think the review I a fake as well as a direct link to the review.
Staying vigilant and reporting these issues doesn’t make you a snitch or anything else negative. In fact, it makes you part of a growing number of men who are tired of being taken advantage of and who want to take back control over their health and their community.

By learning how to spot fake male enhancement reviews and how to take action, men become empowered. For too long, men did have to deal with an industry with companies that preyed on their insecurities and exploited their hopes and dreams. But that’s all changing thanks to men who want to prove that there is hope if guys are willing to work for their goals and watch out for each other.


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