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Male Enhancement – Separating Scams from the Real Deal


Self-improvement products are rarely cheap and, when they are, that cheapness shows in the quality. Still, that doesn’t mean high-quality products can’t be reasonably priced, but Scamhow do you know when a few extra bucks will be a good investment? Shopping around has become common when making any large purchase but too many men skip this step when researching male enhancement or penile enlargement products. Here we’ll take a look at a few tips and tricks that can make learning about different products easy and show you how a few minutes of research could save you plenty.

Knowing What You Want

Any good shopper know that before you hit the store, making a list will help keep you – and your budget – on track. The same holds true when shopping online. Everyone’s been there – you start out looking for something simple and, before you know it, you’re knee deep in eBay auctions and the total on your Amazon cart rivals the GDP of a developing nation.

So before you start shopping around, first define your goals. While there are thousands of products available, they primarily focus on one of three areas:

  • Penis size
  • Increased Stamina
  • Boost Libido

There are also informational products (books and DVDs) that can help with techniques, but those are usually not included within the male enhancement genre though they can often be found on websites which sell more traditional male enhancement products.

Shopping Around

Once you know where you need some help, you can keep your search targeted. Start by looking up general information on the companies and products related to your specific needs and draw up a list of whatever products catch your eye.

The easiest way to quickly cut the wheat from the chaff is to plug the name of the product into a search engine to check out male enhancement reviews. For any given product you should be able to easily find male enhancement reviews on larger websites such as Amazon but these should be read with a critical eye.

Fake Reviews for Bad Products

Internet sellers know the power of a good review – that’s why some send out free samples or prototype versions of their products. They do this in exchange for reviews by professionals and “average Joes” which are then posted online. This practice is common and completely ethical.

Some companies, however, take this practice and twist it. Instead of offering their products for free to people in exchange for honest reviews, they pay people to write fake reviews in order to promote their products. How can you spot these fake reviews? Easy – watch out for three common red flags.

  • Bad Spelling / Grammar – No writer worth their salt would take on this type of work so fake review writers tend to show poor spelling and grammar skills. Their sentences are choppy and the text is riddled with errors.
  • Over the Top Positive – Companies are only willing to pay for positive reviews so fake writers go all out to talk about how great a product is and their reviews never mention any sort of problems.
  • Vague on the Details – Since these fake writers never actually receive the product they can’t describe it or how it works. So the gloss over the details on how it looks or operates and instead these male enhancement reviews focus on “amazing” and “lightning fast” results.

Checking out reviews will quickly and easily whittle your list down to something more manageable. Then you can go back and check out the companies selling the products and use your judgement on their payments and customer service as the final deciding factor if you still can’t decide between two or three options.

Shopping around may be difficult for male enhancement products, but it’s time well spent. Not only can you learn more about your options, you can find the best websites, forums and message boards for information, advice and support no matter what issue you’re facing.


Author: Peter

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