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Is That Male Enhancement Review Helping or Hurting Your Health?


People have been writing reviews for generations but internet shopping has taken it to the next level. Websites like Amazon make it easy for people to write and post reviews that sometimes go viral and become more popular than the product they are written about. The truth is that a positive or negative review can make or break a product and companies know it. That’s why some try to manipulate the system in order to create false hype about a product but plenty of people are catching on and fighting back.

The Business of Fake Reviews

BusinessBy and large, most male enhancement reviews you find online are honest and are written by people who have bought and tried a product and simply want to share their experience with others. But there are some reviews which are nothing more than an extension of the sales copy you find on retail and manufacturer websites and these are the reviews everyone should watch out for when shopping for any sort of self-improvement product.

Some people wonder why these companies even bother with fake reviews and the fact is, reviews are a powerful form of advertisement. Review writers have been endorsing and criticizing products since the dawn of the commercial age with movies and books being the main focus thanks to outlets like newspapers and genre magazines. But products have also always sought out reviews and endorsements from past customers and celebrities. In the case of celebrity endorsements, people may be more attracted to a product but in the back of their minds, they know that review was bought and paid for but when a positive review comes from an ‘average person’ it actually carries more weight with the general public.

Companies know this and so they encourage customers to review items and leave their thoughts on the company website or third party retail sites. This method can be challenging, though, since quite often customers only take the time to write in when they have a problem which means the company needs to address the issue and follow up with good customer care. Of course this isn’t a problem for a reputable company but others simply don’t want to bother with it so they hire people to write fake, positive reviews.

Spotting a Fake Review – What to Look For

Since the companies who buy fake reviews are known for taking the easy way out, the reviews they get come with some pretty specific red flags. When reading through male enhancement reviews keep your eyes out for any of the following:

  • Poor Grammar, Spelling and Sentence Structure – Writing fake reviews isn’t exactly lucrative so these writers go for quantity instead of quality and they often don’t have English as a first language. The result? Poorly written reviews chock full of spelling errors, over the top grammar issues and confusing sentences.
  • A Little TOO Excited – Watch out for any review that talks only about how great a product is or that uses tons of exclamation points. Every product has issues and a legitimate review will cover the good and the bad.
  • Keyword Stuffing – Companies use keywords in order to help their articles appear in search engines. This is a completely normal and acceptable practice. But fake reviews will stuff a keyword – usually the name of the product – into their review so many times it feels like they are just repeating it over and over. This type of keyword use is known as stuffing and it’s another hallmark of fake male enhancement reviews.
  • Vague Reviews – Since the people who write fake male enhancement reviews have never seen or used the product, their reviews are always vague. They’ll talk about how great a product is but details are scarce.Keeping an eye out for these red flags can help you avoid scams and identify products which really do make an impact. Best of all, this method can be used for any type of review, from male enhancement products to new electronics. So be a smart shopper and you’ll be a happier shopper.

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