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Beyond Enlargement – What the Male Enhancement Industry Can Offer Even if You’re Happy With Your Size

When most people think about male enhancement products, they immediately think of enlargement devices. It’s a natural enough association – penis enlargement has been the cornerstone of male enhancement for generations. But enlargement is only a small part of a man’s overall sexual health and thinking that the world of male enhancement has nothing more to offer is selling the industry short and potentially cheating yourself out of an improved love life.

Size Isn’t Everything

Beyond EnlargementThere’s no denying it, size is important. Several studies have concluded that while bigger isn’t always necessarily better, women do prefer men who have a penis that, at the very least, suits their body shape. Additionally, study after study has found that the average size for men is much less than most guys had previously believed. The truth is that, for Americans, the average size is around 4.5 to 6.5 inches when erect. These studies and a better understanding of what’s really normal helped many men accept their penis size once and for all. But the quest for improved sexual performance doesn’t stop with size.

In terms of sexual performance, stamina and sex drive are even more important than penis size. Without these two, the most perfectly shaped penis in the world won’t do you any good. There are dozens of different ways – and products – that can help you last longer, improve your flexibility and amp up your sex drive. Finding out about these products can be daunting at first. After all, the internet is filled with companies that want to sell you the perfect answer to all your problems and they’ve all invested a fair amount in marketing – so how can you find the products even worth considering?

How to Get Started

The best way to get started in learning about what’s out there without being overwhelmed by advertising, pop-up windows and mountains of spam is to hit up a website with plenty of male enhancement reviews written by everyday customers as well as professional bloggers and reviewers. These kinds of reviews will offer you an honest and frank review of the products without any sales pitch or high-pressure marketing.

It’s important to be aware of fake reviews, though. Some unscrupulous companies will hire writers to fabricate reviews without ever having seen or used the product. Other companies will offer review writers free samples of their product or a free trial of their service in exchange for an honest review. This type of exchange is normal and, in these cases, the reviewer often says as much up front. So how can you tell a legit review from a fake? The best way to know that you’re reading an honest review is to look for (and avoid) the following red flags:

  • Poor Grammar – Writers of fake reviews go for quantity over quality so keep an out for hastily written reviews riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Everything’s Great – No product is perfect. If a reviewer raves about a product without mentioning any concerns or issues, chances are it’s a fake.
  • Name Dropping – Keyword stuffing is common with fake reviews as it’s believed it makes the reviews get a higher listing with search engines (it doesn’t). If a short review mentions the full brand name or other super specific phrase over and over again, consider it a fake.
  • Vague Results – If a reviewer goes on and on about how great a product is but never gets into specifics, that’s a red flag.

Reading through male enhancement reviews can help men learn more about the types of products available in the male enhancement marketplace. Reading male enhancement reviews cuts through the high-pressure advertising sales copy and lets you have an inside view of how these products actually work. Once you have a few in mind, dig a little deeper, shop around and dive right in. Male enhancement may have at one time meant little more than size enhancement but, today, it offers help for men no matter what their concern.


Author: Peter

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