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Small Penis Syndrome

Small penis syndrome is a disorder by which men view their penis as being too small, when, in fact, it is a completely normal size.  Most men will have thought about what it would be like to increase the size of their penis at some point in life; those with small penis Small Penis Syndromesyndrome have such a warped perception of their penis that it actually stops them from carrying out a normal life.


Numerous studies have been conducted in order to get a closer look at the general mentality about penis size.

  • Only 35% of men are happy with the size of their penis.
  • 85% of men seriously wish for a bigger penis.

Cause of SPS

Men with small penis syndrome often tell professionals that they first began to fear that their penis was too small when they were very young and they saw their fathers, or an older sibling’s penis.  This is actually quite natural as most men’s doubts about their penis whether they have small penis syndrome or they just wonder every so often if their penis is big enough, comes from a time when they were smaller and made a comparison between theirs and an adult’s penis.  The difference is most men grow up to realise that the comparison was silly, and that is enough to push the thoughts to the back of the mind and get on with life.


Men with SPS are unable to do this.  For some reason, they go through life believing that their penis is so small that if anybody found out about it they would ridicule them.  Experts believe that the fact that these men are unable to see the true length of their penis could be a sign of some form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).  BDD is often seen in people with eating disorders such as anorexia.  The disorder prohibits people from viewing their body in a true and objective way.  Anorexics may view their bodies as being at the same weight the whole time and convince themselves that they are too fat, even when they are painfully thin.  For men with SPS, no matter what length their penis is, they will believe that it is too small.


AnxietyThere is a strong link between men with small penis syndrome and social anxiety disorders.  The same fixation on one thing which the person believes everybody will notice and ridicule them for is present in both instances.  With social anxiety disorders the object which a person is nervous about could be anything and change on a daily basis; however with SPS it is always centred on the penis.  Men feel as though they are not worthy to be among other people because they have such a small penis and that other people will know instantly by looking at them and laugh.


Men with the syndrome quite often display narcissistic tendencies, in an inverted way.  Whereas a typical narcissist pays no attention to anybody else’s thoughts or feelings, believing that they are the most important person and everybody else is inferior, the inverted narcissist believes that they are the one who is worthless and everybody else is looking down on them, mocking them.

Studies have shown that men with SPS place an extreme amount of importance on women and whether they are satisfied or not.  Most men will admit to avoiding sexual encounters in case they are unable to satisfy women, which they are adamant about.  Others are so ashamed of their penis and the way they see it that they have remained virgins because of their fear of being naked in front of a woman.


So little is known about the syndrome that there is no set path for treatment although there are some options to try which may help before turning to any rash methods such as drugs or surgery.

  • Men who are feeling as though they cannot form relationships because of the size of their penis should first go to see a counsellor.  There, they will talk about when the problem started and try to find out how it progresses into the syndrome.  By doing this, it may be possible to unravel the mystery and address the problem head on.
  • Learning to take penis measurements correctly and reading up on the average penis size may help for milder forms of the penis, but often, men don’t believe what is in front of their own eyes.
  • Penis extenders are the safest way to add size to the penis without undergoing surgery.  The system uses traction to stretch the penis in a way that encourages new tissue growth.  Using a penis extender for a couple of months, in conjunction with counselling may be the best way to boost men’s confidence whilst addressing the problem at the root of it all.

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