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Top 5 Infamous Penises From History


The male penis doesn’t often get mentioned in the history books but, when it does, people take notice. Over the years, plenty of men have become known for their large, long or energetic nether regions but which emerge as the penises which remain fascinating long after the owner has faded from memory? We’ve rounded up five of the most influential phalluses from the history books.

Juan Baptista dos Santos

Juan Baptista dos SantosDos Santos may not be as well known as some of the other entries on this list, but he has earned the spot at the top. Born in 1843, Dos Santos’ parents immediately realized their son was born with a bit of something extra. Juan was born with two separate penises plus a third leg. He was examined for the first time at the age of 6 months and, throughout his life, medical professionals sought him out for further examination. Although the extra genitals and spare leg meant problems when it came to buying trousers, it didn’t impede his sex life at all. In fact, according to many reports, Dos Santos had a voracious sexual appetite and would use both of his penises during intercourse. According to surviving reports, he would begin with one and, once it was spend, he would finish with the other.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte may be one of the most well known military figures in history, but stories about his penis have spawned auction bidding wars as well as common phrases. The phrase ‘Small Man Syndrome’ has become the new phrase for what was formerly called “Napoleon Syndrome’, a name coined after the littler Emperor’s reportedly very little friend. In fact, rumours about Napoleon’s small size have become so well known that man penis extender review writers use the phrase ‘Napoleon size’ to describe their beginning measurements. Rumour has it, Napoleon’s penis was stolen during his autopsy and sold throughout the black market for years. Although others insist Napoleon was buried with his manhood intact, an artefact presented as his penis has been bought and sold at auction a few times, most recently in 1987 when it sold to an American urologist for #3,000.


History is filled with strange character, but few match the heights of craziness reached by Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. Rasputin was born a peasant in 1869 but became a confidante to RussianRasputin royalty and a regular guest of the aristocracy. He was a well known mystic and was rumoured to have the power to heal people. As he became a part of Russian society and world history, rumours and stories about his sexual prowess also began to grow. After he was assassinated, his penis was removed from his body. Some say a maid did it, other says a group of noblemen wanted to keep it as a souvenir. Whatever the true story, Rasputin’s penis has become one of the most well travelled body parts in the world and is currently a crowning jewel at the Russian Museum of Erotica.

John Holmes

Anyone who has ever looked into buying a penis extender is, no doubt, familiar with the infamous John Holmes. Although no penis extender can offer these kinds of results, Holmes still remains Historythe Holy Grail when it comes to penis size. Clocking in with over 2,000 adult movies, John Holmes may be the single most well known porn star in history. Ironically, no definitive measurement of his legendary penis exists. Bill Amerson, one of Holmes’ closest friends, claimed to have seen Holmes measure himself on several occasions and claimed his penis to be 13.5 inches. When Holmes insured his penis for $14 million, he joked that he had paid $1 million for every inch.


Perhaps the most famous penis in history belongs to the statue David. According to modern views of penis size, David would be a likely customer for a penis extender. According to the experts, David would fall on the lower end of the average penis size which would make him an ideal candidate for penis enlargement. At the same time, it can often give men some reassurance. The statue of David is considered to be one of the greatest works of art in human history, and his body type is one which man men can identify with.


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