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Why It Makes Total Sense That the US Government Spent $40 Million on the “Little Blue Pill” Last Year


There’s been a lot of news about some recent expenditure by the government. While government spending is always a source of gossip and jokes, news about how much the military Governmenthas spent on a certain ‘Little Blue Pill’ and other male enhancement pills has some up in arms and other vigorously defending the decision.

It was recently revealed that in 2014, the US military spent a whopping $40 million on a variety of erectile enhancement drugs, including the iconic Viagra. Of course, an expenditure like this was bound to make headlines since it combines two things Americans love most – sex and a potential scandal. But the truth is that spending this much on male enhancement medications isn’t wasteful. In fact, the logic behind the expense highlights an important part of the male enhancement industry.

Sex Is About More Than Just Sex

The funding the US military provides includes nearly every aspect of a soldier’s care both during and after their term of service. As men retire from service or return home after a tour of duty, they often find it difficult to simply return to ‘normal life’ because of what they’ve experienced while on active duty. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions that heighten anxiety and contribute to depression leave many men feeling empty, alone and unable to function in the same way they were able to before they enlisted.

One of the biggest effects this can have in on a soldier’s personal and intimate relationship with his partner. When these men return home and find they cannot perform sexually it only makes their anxiety and stress worse which then feeds into a vicious cycle of depression. This is where many men take a step forward and reach out to their doctor to ask about male enhancement pills such as Viagra. Under the insurance provided through the US military, the cost is covered, men can receive the medication they need and while it doesn’t solve all of their problems, having a sense of normalcy does begin to break that cycle of stress, depression and anxiety.

Little Blue Pill

Viagra, Supplements and Health

A healthy sex life has a number of positive physical and mental health benefits. It also helps to foster better and more intense bonds between a couple and so it’s easy to see how sex is about more than just a physical need – it also meets a deep mental and emotional need. Proof of this can be found in many male enhancement reviews which highlight not only the efficacy of a given pill or supplement, but also the domino effect dealing with the issue can have on nearly every other aspect of their life. From their overall self-esteem to the way they relate to others, these supplements can truly change a man’s life.

So while some have criticized the military for spending this kind of money on enhancement pills, men who read and write male enhancement reviews as well as those who understand the far reaching implications of a healthy sex life, know it’s an investment well worth making. In fact, many have already suggested that the Veteran’s Administration take a more active interest in the overall physical and mental health of soldiers as they return home, a focus which would include every aspect of their life.

While discussing the intimate details of a soldier’s life can make for a sensationalistic news headline, the fact of the matter is that spending money to help solder’s return to their normal, civilian life helps these men deal with what they’ve experienced more effectively and helps them to reunite with their family, friends and everything they’ve fought for. At the end of the day, it’s a small price to pay to help the men and women who help this country.


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