Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders vs Surgical Intervention: The Final Showdown

Men who want to increase the size of their penis are often unsure whether they should opt for a temporary solution like a penis extender or whether they should opt for surgical intervention to solve the problem of penis enlargement. This article endeavors to provide the facts about both options and which option is ultimately better for increasing the size of the penis.

Penis Extenders

Penis ExtendersA Penis extenders is a device that’s used on a daily basis for the best results. It increases the size of the penis without causing any problems or side effects. When buying a penis extender make sure that it’s manufactured by reputable company. The penis extenders listed on are all reputable and have been around for a while. Reviews for these extenders have generally been good and customers haven’t really pointed out any real problems, so this is proof that penis enlargement through the extender is perfectly safe.

Surgical Intervention

Surgery is a big step to take as it’s irreversible. There are a variety of different types of surgery, but the main one involves cutting the ligament that holds about a third of the penis inside of the body. The severing of this ligament enables the penis to gain about 33% in terms of length. There are also other types of surgery that are geared purely towards increasing the width of the penis. The chambers within the tissue of the penis are filled up with a special medical substance and this makes the penis fatter.

Surgical Intervention
Surgical intervention is permanent, and that’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because surgery can permanently increase the size of the penis. It means that it won’t be necessary to use pills, extenders, or any other forms of penis enhancement again. This is the main reason why surgery is taken up to begin with. However, it’s also a curse because things can go wrong. Any surgery, no matter how basic it happens to be, can go wrong. All it takes is a slip of the knife or a forgotten step in the process and irreversible damage is caused. Even the most experienced surgeon in the world will make a mistake at some point. The question that people have to be asking themselves is: “Is it worth risking sex for the purposes of a lasting increase in penis size?” The answer for many should be no as it just simply isn’t worth it.


The cost of a penis extender is absolutely nothing when compared with the cost of surgery. Surgery often runs into the thousands and since this is a cosmetic procedure no public health care system in the world will foot the bill for it. It would take multiple lifetimes of using penis extenders to come anywhere close to the cost of surgery. And this is especially true since some brands started introducing special offers to beat out their competition.


As already mentioned, there’s a significant risk associated with surgery. It’s becoming less and less each year, but it will never be completely eliminated. When it comes to something as delicate as the penis it isn’t really worth the risk. Furthermore, since this form of surgery hasn’t been around long enough nobody is quite sure about the potentially devastating impact it could have when old age sets in. Only time will tell.

Penis extenders can have risks if a poor quality brand is sought out. On the whole, though, the extender is a penis enlargement tool that’s almost completely safe. Like with anything, there’s always a risk of something going wrong, but when it comes to this device the risk is almost zero. Seek out a high quality brand and nothing untoward should occur.


The most important factor for people is often the results. If surgery increases the size of the penis significantly more than the extender then people are going to disregard the risk and the cost. The truth, though, is that the difference in size between the two methods is marginal at best. It’s true that since surgery is more invasive that there will be slightly better results. However, the difference in terms of pleasure for both parties is almost nothing. That means that the risk simply isn’t worth it since it’s essentially taking a massive chance for a minute reward. When speaking of something so fragile it just isn’t worth it in the end.


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