Penis Enlargement Methods

Surgery or Device – How to Choose the Right Penile Enlargement Method


Thanks to a number of advancement in both the understanding of body modification and surgical technique, penis enlargement has become the newest hot trend for men looking to
improve their lives. While penis enlargement has been around for generations, the newer devices now have the backing of both impartial penile extender reviews and actual clinical studies which vsprove their efficacy. At the other end of the spectrum, surgery for enlargement – called phalloplasty – has made huge advancements and today there are viable operations which can truly transform the way a man’s penis is shaped.

So how can the average guy choose which option is really best for him? We’ve broken it down into the three main issues men use to decide which option to take – cost, process and, of course, overall efficacy.

DIY Enlargement vs Surgery – What’s Involved?

For men who want to undergo enlargement with an at home device, the process is pretty simple and straight-forward. Men research the enlargement device they are interested in by checking penile extender reviews for each device as well as the company backing it. Once he selects a device, he needs to wear it for several hours a day every day for around 6 to 8 weeks before he starts seeing results. After that, he can carry on using the device for as long as he wishes. The gains are slow but they are permanent and the man remains in control of his growth.

Men who opt for surgery must first find a surgeon who can take him on as a patient. Since phalloplasty is still a new area of medicine, this usually requires some travel expenses for the initial consultation as well as the travel he will need to do for the actual surgery and follow up visits. The surgery itself is fairly complicated since there are so many nerve endings and connective tissues in the penis. Healing time after surgery is approximately 6 to 8 weeks during which time most doctors have men wearing a traction device in order to apply gentle pressure to the penis as it heals to improve healing and solidify the growth achieved by surgery.

The Price Tag

When it comes to overall cost, penis enlargement devices are the clear winner. Even a high end device is unlikely to cost more than a few hundred dollars and the added expense for massage oil and other accessories is usually quite low. The real cost, so to speak, comes in the form of time and energy a man must devote to the process. At home penis enlargement is a good example of something that you get out of it what you put into it.

Surgery, on the other hand, is easier in some ways since men only need to undergo the surgery and then endure the healing process. But with convenience and technology comes a huge price tag. Prices can vary depending on the doctor preforming the surgery and the need of the individual patient but most surgeries start with a base cost around $7,000. This does not include the initial assessment, travel expenses or any other expense related to the surgery.

Overall Efficacy

At home penis enlargement has enjoyed positive results documented through penile extender reviews for years and now it has the backing of clinical studies as well. A number of studies have shown at home devices can be and are effective when used properly over the right amount of time.

Surgery certainly offers a more obvious and immediate form of efficacy, but that doesn’t mean it always outperforms at home devices. Some surgical methods can produce more dramatic results as men can gain more than an inch. But these cases aren’t exactly common and cannot be achieved with every type of surgery available.

At the end of the day, choosing between surgery and at-home options is a difficult one. But for men who want to keep their budget in check and stay in control of the process, at home options clearly fit the bill.


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