Penis Size

Measuring Your Penis Size

Even if they say they don’t, all men have, at one point or another, compared the size of their penis to other men.  Everyone wants to know where they stand: are they bigger, smaller, average?  Women compare, too, even if they do it subconsciously.  You know on some level she’s thinking that you’re bigger or smaller than her last boyfriend.  However, if you’re going to Measuring Your Penis Sizesee where you stand with other men, you need to know a few things first.

You need to be fully erect to get the proper numbers.  Penis size changes a lot when going from flaccid to erect.  Some people are “showers”— the length of their flaccid penis is close to the length of their erections.  However, some are “growers” in that they may gain several inches when they get erect.  There’s really no way of telling which a man is until he gets an erection.  If you really want to compare, both men need to have full erections before measuring.  Both need to measure using the same type of measuring instrument and in the same way so that a true comparison can be made.

Another thing to realize is that you do actually need to use a measuring device.  Simply eyeballing it is not going to give you a good estimate because you’re looking down at your penis.  A part of it is actually blocked from view by the rest of your body.  When you look at another man, however, you don’t have anything blocking you, so they may look larger.  If you’ve got any self-confidence issues about length, you may also tend to think you look smaller than other men even when you’re not.

Even when measuring while fully erect and using the same tools, there is still a chance that the measurements aren’t that useful.  Some men, for example, do not get as much blood flow to the penis as others.  This means the tissues in the penis aren’t absorbing as much, so the erection isn’t as large or as hard as it could be.  If you’ve got that issue, you can always take a male enhancement supplement.  Enhancement pills  improve your blood circulation, increases your libido and makes your erection harder.  If you measure after taking a few of them, you’re likely to see improvements.  Male enhancement pills help you to have sex longer and more energetically, so even if you aren’t huge, you can make love like a pro.


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