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The Many Benefits of Using a Penis Extender

Benefits of using a penis extender

When it comes to extending your manhood, nothing works quite like a penis extender. This is not just something penis extender manufacturers claim to make you buy their products. Several major studies have been conducted in recent years to examine the efficiency and safety of these devices. All of these studies have delivered overwhelmingly positive results. According to them, not only will a penis extender help you gain inches in length, but these gains will be permanent, too.

Medical experts will also recommend using a penis extender over any other penis enlargement method. Unlike surgeries, it’s clinically and scientifically tested, and doesn’t involve any of the side effects that may arise following an operation. There are many benefits to opting for a penis extender instead of other, more invasive ways to enhance the size of your manhood. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

Length and Girth Gains

Measuring TapeThe number one reason why men are unhappy with their junk is its size; namely, its length and its girth. As numerous reputable studies have shown in the last few years, a good, brand-name penis extender can treat these problems easily and efficiently. Clinical testing suggests that you can expect to gain up to 0.9 inches in length when your penis is erect, as well as about 0.7 inches in flaccid length. What’s more, after three to six months of regular use, you can also expect to add 0.7 inches to your girth.

Scientists who conducted these studies have also observed whether these changes are just temporary or not. They kept in touch with the participants for six more months after they’ve finished using a penis extender. Having measured them upon completion of the treatment, as well as half a year later, they determined that all inches you add to either the length of your penis or its girth are permanent. The same cannot be said of some other pills that will only show results as long as you’re using them.

Comfort and Safety

Penis traction devices are championed for being very safe and non-invasive. That’s in contrast to other surgical enhancement methods, which are invasive and potentially unsafe. It’s also worth pointing out their outrageous prices and the fact that they aren’t embraced by the relevant medical associations in the United States. As long as you’re using them according to the instructions provided and the advice given to you by your doctor, you can be sure that your member is completely safe.

Traction devices were first used by our ancestors, but have evolved a lot since then to provide optimum comfort and performance. All you have to do is put your extender on a semi-erect penis, adjust the traction force, and wear it between three and six hours each day for up to six months. They are so small and form-fitting that you can wear them underneath your clothes without worrying if any of your friends and colleagues will notice you have one on.

They Promote Sexual Health

Sexual HealthTo be able to perform well in the bedroom, it’s essential that the blood flow to and out of your penis is as healthy as possible. This is another area where penis extenders can be of great health. They apply traction force to the tissue in your penis, gently stretching it until new cells are formed. Over time, they will also regulate your blood flow to ensure that there’s enough blood for new cells to form in the penis tissue so that all added length remains intact long after you’ve stopped using your extender.

This is crucial to different aspects of your reproductive health, from sperm production and erectile function to optimum penis sensitivity and endurance.

They Can Straighten Out Curves, Too

Plenty of men have curved penises they aren’t too happy about. This is called Peyronie’s Disease and can potentially result in some very unpleasant complication. However, one study conducted a few years ago showed that after six months of regularly using a penile traction device, you can expect to have your curvature reduced by a whopping 27 degrees.

So, not only will penis extenders deliver on their promise to increase the size of your manhood. They’re also safe, non-invasive, and help improve all other aspects of your reproductive health. This is why an ever-increasing number of men across the globe are choosing to use them to address their size-related issues.


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