Penis Enlargement Methods

The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Penis Enlargement


Body modification is an ancient practice, dating back to the earliest civilizations. The ancient Egyptians, of course, coveted a certain physique and there are relics that show they were willing to go to great lengths to get it. As some of the earliest fans of things like make-up and tattooing, the Egyptians knew that looking good could make you feel good and that’s something which is as true today as it was generations ago.

PsychologicalToday, body modification has grown thanks to developments in medical procedures as well as home based techniques. For men, the most important change has come by way of improvement in penis extender technology. Today’s modern penis enlargement devices are more comfortable and more effective than ever before making them an increasingly common option for men from every walk of life.

Most of the time, when guys choose a penis extender, they are thinking only of the gains they’ll get in terms of penis size. But the benefits these devices bring extend well beyond penis size and an affect everything from a man’s satisfaction with his relationship to even how he acts and is perceived at work.

The Complex Foundation of Self-Esteem

Our self-esteem is based on a number of factors, including how we feel about your physical body. For men, concerns about body size and shape extend past what most people can see since penis size is so ingrained into our culture as being indicative how ‘manly’ a person is, even though we don’t discuss it openly. Jokes about small penis size crop up just about everywhere and have become part of the national subconscious, even for guys who claim to not worry about size.

For these men, using an enlargement device simply never enters their mind for a long time. They work out, stay fit and take care of themselves but still feel that something is missing or that they are somehow lacking, though they can’t seem to put a finger on it. That’s when they begin researching penis size and start to think maybe they could use some help.

The truth is that most men are technically well within the normal range for size, which is anywhere between a modest 4.5 inches to 5.5 inches when erect. But, thanks to the portrayal of size in music, movies, television and literature most men feel as though they don’t truly measure up unless they’re on the larger end of that spectrum. Even men who are closer to 5.5 inches eventually feel they need to increase their size just to be a cut above the rest. In truth, these feelings stem from self-esteem more than they do concerns about actual penis size.

By using a penis extender, men can gain as much or as little as they want (within reason, of course) but even a modest gain in length can have a huge impact on a man’s self-esteem. Men who begin using enlargement devices report that once they get used to wearing and using the device they feel differently, long before any gains can be physically measured. They walk a little taller, they feel more assertive and they hold their head a little higher because they know they’ve taken control of their situation and are taking proactive steps to improve how they look and feel.

Using a penis extender can absolutely boost your length but it can also boost the way you feel about yourself. Taking control of how your body looks – whether it’s starting a healthy diet, improving your workout routine or using an enlargement device – gives you a sense of power and control which easily translates into self-confidence and a more outgoing personality over time. In this regard, male enhancement devices can become a positive influence on more than just a man’s confidence in the bedroom – it can easily provide the foundation for a whole new outlook on life.


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