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Penis Extenders – 5 Ways to Spot a Scam


Shopping around for penis extenders can be tricky. The stakes are high both for buyers and sellers. Companies want to make their devices look as good as possible and men want to cut to the chase – will it work? With an industry worth millions each year, it’s easy to understand why cutting through the bull can be a challenge.

ScamAs with any industry, the world of male enhancement products has serious players and scam artists, all vying to get those sales. As a result, every company does anything they can to present their products in the best possible light so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ‘sales talk’ and to lose sight of what’s important.

The biggest problem men find is that both reputable companies and ones out to make a quick buck, often employ the same type of measures to promote their items. They’ll offer users incentives to write penis extender reviews and they’ll flood websites with information about their devices, comparing them to other top sellers. So how can men really know what’s worth investing in and which ones are better left alone? These five tips will easily help you navigate your way through the selection process.

  1. Read Penis Extender Reviews With a Critical Eye

Many companies offer men free devices or other incentives in exchange for writing penis extender reviews. This is a common and completely ethical practice provided the companies ask for a man’s honest review – good or bad. Some companies, however, hire people to write penis extender reviews that are written without ever seeing or using the device and which must be positive. Watch for reviews that are vague and focus only on positive results, these are the classic hallmarks of a scam product.

  1. A Company That Hides Its Contact Details

Many companies prefer being contacted online but it shouldn’t require Sherlock Holmes style investigation to track down a mailing address or phone number. If a company is going to great lengths to make communication difficult, it’s a sign that they don’t want to hear from customers and it’s not hard to imagine why.

  1. Products That Aren’t Widely Known or Discussed

These days penis enlargement devices are common and have become a popular topic on healthcare forums and male enhancement message boards. Even new devices are often widely discussed and known in the community by experienced men who always keep an eye out for new devices as well as guys who are trying something for the first time. If a device isn’t being discussed or if the discussions aren’t positive, chances are that it isn’t worth your time. If it’s only just been released, bookmark the page and do some research after a month or so.

  1. Companies That Have Gone Through Many Name Changes

Many companies change ownership and, as a result, they often change their name. This is fairly common and doesn’t normally warrant raised eyebrows, but when a company routinely changes its name, that’s a huge red flag. Companies that rack up a lot of complaints through message boards, forums or even the better Business Bureau will often change their name in order to “start fresh”. A quick search on the company name through search engines and directly through the Better Business Bureau will highlight this practice.

  1. Products That Over Promise

Finally, there’s the old “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. This may sound like a cliché but the truth is that it hits the nail on the head no matter what product you’re discussing. For male enhancement devices, it’s all about watching out for products that promise inches of growth within a week or overnight success and improvement in every area. The fact of the matter is, penis enlargement devices can do one thing – they can add length to your penis and it’s something that takes months, not weeks.


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