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Five Amazing Penis Facts

So, you think you know everything there is to know about the penis? Guess again. There are lots of misconceptions about this part of the male anatomy due to so many years of not being willing to discuss it. Five Amazing Penis FactsBut thanks to medical science, more is being known about this most intimate part of a man. We’ve listed below five of the most amazing facts regarding the penis that you may or may not already be aware of. The information comes from a variety of medical sources.

Penis Fact 1 – About 54% of All Men Are Circumcised

Male circumcision was a lot more popular in ancient cultures than it is today. Surveys in 1990s showed that infant circumcision grew from about 55% in 1993 to more than 63% by 1999. But thanks to recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), fear of circumcision began to rise in the United States, thus dropping circumcision rates down to 54% in 2009.

As an added side note, the male penis is known to be a harbinger of dozens of different types of bacteria. The circumcised penis tends to have lower levels of bacteria, however, because it’s easier to keep clean. Some researchers even suggest that circumcised men are 60% less likely to contract the HIV virus through heterosexual contact than uncircumcised men. If nothing else, there may be some legitimate health benefits from circumcision.

Penis Fact 2 – Shrinkage Can Occur

If you’re a man, you’re probably aware of the fact that when you’re cold the size of your penis can be noticeably reduced. That’s because cold temperatures cause the body to redirect blood flow to important internal organs at the expense of the appendages. It’s only a temporary situation, mind you, and the penis will regain its normal size when you warm back up.

According to WebMD, we can employ the “use it or lose it” principle here as well. If a normal, healthy man is capable of achieving and maintaining erections, and he doesn’t do so on a regular basis, less blood flow into the organ means the amount of tissue can be reduced and shrinkage can result. It’s no different than losing muscle mass for lack of exercise. That may be one of the reasons why the male body has a built in erection function which causes the penis to become erect during REM sleep.

If you notice a natural reduction in the size of your package you can help improve things by making sure it gets regular use. You can also employ a penis stretching device. This device applies a steady and gentle pull which promotes tissue growth.

Penis Fact 3 – Sensitivity Decreases as Age Increases

This penis fact is just one of common sense, if nothing else. As we age all of our body functions continue to break down; we see it in loss of vision, loss of hearing, and reduced sensitivity to pain and temperature changes. The male penis is no different. Loss of sensitivity in that area is a result of tissue degeneration and decreased blood flow. Again, a penis enlargement device can be helpful as can a male dietary supplement which can offset some of the effects of aging.

Penis Fact 4 – Men Have a Sweet Spot

Man's Sweet SpotFinding the female G-spot has long been a mystery to men. Even more so, it has been thought of as the “prize” in sexual relationships in so much as a man who can locate his partner’s G-spot can ostensibly help her achieve incredible orgasms. Yet did you know that men have a “sweet spot” of their own? It’s true.

There are certain parts of the penis that men find more sensitive than others. For some it is right underneath the glans, for others it is on the tip, for others the sweet spot can be found at the base near the testicles. The point is, once that sweet spot is located a female can bring her man to the same incredible orgasms.

Penis Fact 5 – You Can Increase Your Size through Traction

In the arena of penis enlargement devices men can choose between one of two types: a suction device and a traction device. The most common suction device is known as the penis pump; a device routinely prescribed to men suffering from ED as a means of stimulating blood flow and helping them maintain erections. Unfortunately, the results achieved with a penis pump are usually only temporary. With a traction device, on the other hand, results are real and permanent.

Penis Traction DeviceIf you’ve ever seen television programs about indigenous tribes that have elongated necks, lips, or ear lobes, you’re already familiar with what traction can accomplish. Just like those body parts can be made longer, so can the penis. For more information about penis enlargement devices such as penis extenders, feel free to take a look at our penis extender reviews for advice, coupons and a full comparison of the top extenders offered on the market.


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