Penis Enlargement Methods

The Lengths Some Men Go to For Penis Enlargement


Today, it’s easier than ever to find penis enlargement devices that promise – and deliver – some pretty impressive results. For men just beginning to learn about these devices Menthrough penis enlargement reviews, websites and blogs the results can be a little intimidating. Most enlargement devices work on the principle of traction which can mean the device itself looks a bit foreboding until you learn how it works. But, as these examples show, the world of penis related inventions can make any traction device look like a walk in the park by comparison.

The Penis Exercise Machine

This little gem resembles a strange sort of torture device more than it does a way for men to exercise their way to a bigger size. According to the somewhat convoluted instructions included with the patent filing, the device is attached to the penis and strapped to the man’s body by way of a belt which keeps the entire apparatus in place. The device does not claim to enlarge the penis through stretching or traction, however. Instead, users use it in order to exercise the penis and achieve the promised results. According to the inventor, this apparatus results in minimal pain, but the diagrams for it suggest otherwise.

A Penis Enhancement Apparatus

The vacuum pump had been around commercially since the early 1900s and this invention is a modern take on that iconic design. Inventor Victor Loria has designed a device where a tube is used to house the penis and the vacuum pump is “fluidly attached”. His design includes built-in safety features such as a sensor that trips if the vacuum created within the device is too strong. An emergency valve lets out a small amount of air in order to lessen the vacuum and prevent injury to the user. Loria claims that by looking through the figures and drawings, it’s easy to see how adaptable the device could be and that modifications could make the device even more effective.

The New Tool for Measuring Results

In a list dealing with a variety of inventions for the penis, one which features gears and sliding bits of metal isn’t exactly what you want to see. Luckily, United States Patent 5183055 A isn’t a lengthening device. Instead, it offers a way to accurately measure the penis and testicles, purportedly for professional use within the medical community. With its similarities in appearance to high end engineering tools, this should have been a hit with writers of penis enlargement reviews as it could give them a more accurate way to measure progress. Originally filed in the early 1990s, the patent had lapsed by 1997 without becoming a widespread commercial success.

The Early Version of a Complicated Cock Ring

Today, most guys know that using a cock ring can help to produce stringer, harder erections as well as helping to temporarily increase size since they work to trap blood in the penis. While cock rings are regularly featured in penis enlargement reviews as a perfect way to temporarily boost girth, in the 1950s things were a bit more complicated. This invention, originally filed in April of 1950, is a very early version of what cock rings would eventually become. This version offers a way to adjust the size wit a series of yokes and pressure is offered by way of a small metallic ball which rests along the base of the penis to further restrict blood flow once the erection is achieved. While this invention takes a complicated route to achieve its intended effect, it does feature many of the same elements seen in today’s effective, but more simply designed, cock rings.

The Patent That Launched a Million Penis Enlargement Reviews

Although methods for penis enlargement have existed for centuries, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that the first device became commercially available. The patent filed by Otto Ledever in 1917 is originally titled simply ‘Surgical Device” but was the beginning of the male enhancement and penis enlargement market in the United States. His patent for the first vacuum pump remains one of the most underrated and influential inventions of our time.


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