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Penis Extenders – They’ve Come a Long Way (Literally)

Penis Weights

Recent medical studies have given a renewed interest to male enhancement products like penis extenders. In fact, many men today think these devices are a relatively new option, created perhaps sometime in those Make Love Not War days of the 1960s or 70s. The truth is that men have been finding ways to increase their size since the earliest points in history.

Ancient Enlargement – The Dawn of Body Modification

Penis WeightsPenis enlargement dates back to ancient civilizations in the Middle East, China and Greece. Some methods even continue on today in their original form while others have been built upon in order to create and refine more modern methods. One of the oldest methods still in use today is a process of stretching called Jelqing which originated in the ancient Middle East.

Jelqing consists of a series of stretches that focus the penis itself as well as the entire groin. This method relies heavily on tissue pliability and massage techniques. It is the only true Do It Yourself option as it requires no special accessories – only an understanding of the methods as well as a good understanding of the male anatomy.

Jelqing proved itself not only effective but popular and it remains in use today. Modern methods have improved some aspects of the work, including stretches that target certain muscles and tissues more effectively. It’s not without its drawbacks, however. The process is understandably painful and, if not incorrectly, it can cause serious injury. It’s also incredibly hands-on and time intensive. Each session takes a man’s complete focus and can last for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. That’s why easier, less involved methods were originally sought out.

From Weights to Traction

Penis traction surpriseIn other ancient cultures. Men would attach small weights in the form of stones or other heavy objects to the end of their penis with pieces of string or twine. They would start with lighter weights and, over time, they would graduate to heavier weights which would slowly stretch the penis over time.

This method also proved to be effective but, once again, it has some serious side effects. For one thing, the process is best done when a man is naked so that his penis can hang freely. The process requires him to wear the weights regularly for several hours at a session – not an easy look to pull off for today’s modern man.

Still, the science behind this method was a clear winner and so modern companies used it to create today’s traction devices. Instead of using weights, the modern penis extender simply pulled the penis into shape, so to speak. Again, it used the method of slight pressure over a long period of time but the device made it possible for men to undergo the process while sleeping or, depending on the design of the device, by wearing it under their clothes.

Still, the penis extender remained a work in progress and something of an urban legend. The truth is that a few decades ago, the industry was rife with scam artists and companies out to take people’s money and deliver little, if anything in return. That a; changed with the advent of the internet as this made it easier for men to spread the word about devices that didn’t work and it also showed the great interest there was in this field.

Today, researchers have dedicated time, money and resources into determining how effective penis extenders can be. This has ushered in a whole new generation of enlargement devices that not only prove they can deliver but which are built upon the findings of these studies, making them more effective than ever before.


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