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Clocking In – Which States Last Longer?

Clocking in

Men love to compete – it’s just a fact of nature. Some researchers think there may be a link between testosterone levels and a competitive spirit while others think cultural Clocking inexpectations lay the foundation for a fierce competitive spirit later on. Whatever the reason, the fact is that men constantly compare themselves to one another when it comes to financial success and sexual prowess. Ways for men to compare more effectively have come about as a branch of various technological breakthroughs, including apps for the smartphone which measure frequency and duration of sex.

State by State – The Full List

Applications to enhance sex are becoming increasingly common and on such app, Spreadsheets, uses the accelerometer on smartphones in order to measure the duration of your sexual encounter as well as thrusting speed and even the volume level you and your partner reach during the act. Recently, the company published the ranking on a state by state basis. The reports only include the sex act itself and don’t include foreplay. New Mexico came in first with an astonishing average of just over 7 minutes while Alaska clocked in at 51st place with an average of one minute, 21 seconds. While the ranking of New Mexico is impressive, it’s interesting to note that the majority of states clocked in between 2 to 3 and a half minutes. This coincides with research suggesting the average time for sexual intercourse is around 3 minutes. For some men, this comes as a relief if they thought they weren’t measuring up time wise but, for others, it just means that researching male enhancement reviews can help them find products that will elevate them beyond average.

Here’s the ranking state by state, including the District of Columbia:

State Time
New Mexico 7:01
West Virginia 5:38
Idaho 5:11
South Carolina 4:48
Missouri 4:22
Michigan 4:14
Utah 3:55
Oregon 3:51
Nebraska 3:47
Alabama 3:38
Delaware 3:33
Hawaii 3:28
Wisconsin 3:22
North Dakota 3:18
Arizona 3:17
Maryland 3:15
Mississippi 3:10
Rhode Island 3:09
Connecticut 3:07
Texas 3:06
New Hampshire 3:04
Wyoming 3:03
New York 3:01
Pennsylvania 2:58
Maine 2:58
Washington 2:51
Iowa 2:50
Illinois 2:49
North Carolina 2:47
Tennessee 2:46
Kansas 2:38
California 2:38
Massachusetts 2:31
Florida 2:29
New Jersey 2:28
Indiana 2:26
Virginia 2:23
Oklahoma 2:21
Colorado 2:21
Minnesota 2:19
Ohio 2:18
Louisiana 2:17
Kentucky 2:14
Arkansas 2:08
District of Columbia 2:08
Nevada 2:07
Georgia 2:07
Montana 2:03
Vermont 1:48
South Dakota 1:30
Alaska 1:21

Inviting the World Into Your Bedroom

Aside from being an interesting peek into the sex lives around the country, what’s the benefit of these kinds of applications? How can sharing this information with the world help with your own sexual performance? There are a number of benefits to this type of research. According to many industry insiders, data like this can help couples to find a way to discuss their own performance.

Presenting the data in a visual way adds a bit of fun and keeps things light hearted. It also plays on a man’s natural competitive spirit. Plenty of guys who find out their state scored low start checking out male enhancement reviews for supplements or exercise programs to help boost stamina. It also helps companies to identify areas where their products may sell better. In fact, many companies are targeting opportunities for male enhancement reviews to regular writers in certain areas thanks to the Spreadsheets application and others like it.

Using technology to reveal more about the sex life of others is not only interesting, it can help provide valuable data for the future of sexual wellness products and male enhancement reviews. This approach to learning more about sex also makes it easier for couples to talk openly about what they want from their partner and aims to help to improve the sex lives of people around the world. Smartphones have become a ubiquitous feature in our daily life. With the advent of Spreadsheets and similar programs, our phones have now crossed into the final frontier and can be a vital and fun part of a healthy sex life.


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