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Are You Bigger Than Most Men?

When it comes to penis size, most people want to be as big as possible.  However, some men don’t realize that they’re actually already above average and don’t necessarily need to make their erections any larger.  What they may need is something like a male enhancement pill, which gives them more stamina, harder erections, and can increase the amount of ejaculate they produce.  But how do you know if you’re above average?

Are You Bigger Than Most Men?If you have a small penis, you probably have issues with self-confidence.  It can be nerve racking and cause a ton of anxiety, especially when you’re with a new partner for the first time.  If you’ve got an above average sized penis, though, you won’t have these issues.  Instead, you can focus on making her feel good and bringing you both a lot of pleasure.  Not having any sort of self-confidence issues or worries about penis length will make your sexual life so much better.  It could even solve any problem you have with erectile dysfunction, especially if your doctor has not found a physical cause.

To determine if you’re above average, you first need to measure yourself.  You want to hold the ruler at the base of the penis and measure to the tip when you’re fully erect.  The standard average length is between five and six inches, so if you’re above that, you have a big penis.  When it comes to girth, measure around the base of the penis with a string.  If the circumference is around five inches, you’re average.  Anything larger than that is above average.

Most people are more concerned with length, not girth.  While there are some male enhancement products that can help make your penis longer, many of them are dangerous.  Surgery, for example, can lead to infection and may actually permanently reduce the size of your erection.

If you believe you’re larger than most men, there’s no need to deal with surgery or other products.  Instead, you want to look at items like Rizer XL.  This one little pill will transform your love life.  Your large erection is a good part of what you need, but the extra stamina, the energy, and the increase in libido is just what you need.


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