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An Extra-Large Penis Has Can Have Its Downsides

Lots of men dream of having an extra-large penis; they dream of being accurately described as “hung like a horse.” There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, but having extraordinarily large member does havesome built-in drawbacks. Just ask New York resident Jonah Falcon.

An Extra Large Penis Can Have its DownsidesFalcon is a video game journalist, part-time actor, and owner of an unusually large penis. According to Rolling Stone Magazine his package is some 9.5″ when flaccid and 13.5″ fully erect. Falcon has been the subject of a lot of media attention including appearances on HBO, the Jon Stewart show, and others. Falcon hasn’t let on about whether or not the publicity has helped his love life.

With all that said, you might be wondering what the downsides are. Can you say, “Fly the friendly skies?”

Apparently Falcon was recently returning from a San Francisco vacation when he was stopped by TSA officials At San Francisco International. They were concerned he might be packing something dangerous when they noticed the rather large bulge in the left side of his pants. After a five-minute session of questioning and investigating, Falcon was able to convince TSA inspectors they had nothing to worry about.

Real Concerns about Size

We can look at the Jonah Falcon story and laugh. Let’s face it; it’s just downright funny to imagine the scene at the San Francisco airport. But all humor aside, there are some real concerns about penis size if men don’t practice a little bit of moderation in their efforts to increase it. Most of those concerns are in relation to how a man perceives his sexual performance and how is increased size affects his partner.

For starters, let’s set the record straight in stating that most men who desire to increase penis size only add an inch or two. Men adding more than that are the ones most likely to experience the following issues:

  • Painful Sex for Partner – It’s well known that when the size of both partners genitals are significantly mismatched one, or both, can experience reduced sexual sensation. But the other end of the spectrum is just as real. Due to the fact that the female vagina will never get any bigger, a penis that is too large can cause painful sex if the man fails to modify his behavior. The more length you add, the more you’re going to have to pay attention to how it affects your partner.
  • Daily Discomfort – Believe it or not, men do experience some daily discomfort after adding several inches. The discomfort is in no way dangerous, it’s just a matter of failing to adapt to the larger size. For example, if you prefer tight jeans over loose fitting khakis, you may find your jeans to be too tight in the crotch. You may have to switch to looser fitting clothing if the discomfort becomes a problem.
  • Unmet Sexual Expectations – The biggest concern among male sexual health experts is dissatisfaction with a larger penis because it  has not met expectations. In other words, too many men believe they will become kings of the bedroom simply because they’ve added an inch or two. That’s simply not true. Greater size can enhance the sexual experience, but great sex is a combination of practice, education, and how you use what’s between the legs.

Increasing Size Safely and Efficiently

Now that you know some of the concerns, let’s talk about how you can increase your size safely and efficiently. The best way to get real, permanent results is through a process known as “traction.” Traction is a proven method for increasing tissue volume that’s been used for a variety of purposes for centuries. It’s still used today by indigenous tribes all over the world to increase penis size, among other things.

Rock and Rope is an ancient method of penis enlargementTraction works by stretching the spongy tissue inside the penis, thereby encouraging the body to produce more of it. It’s similar to the process athletes use to increase muscle mass. The idea is to stress the tissue, stretch it to the point of developing microscopic tears, and create gaps between individual cells. When this happens the body’s repair mechanisms kick into gear to rebuild the tissue. New cells are created to fill in the gaps and size is increased. It is very simple and effective at the same time.

In ancient times men used traction to increase their penis size by tying rocks or other weights directly to the member and allowing them to hang freely. While this is still possible today, there’s a much more comfortable way of accomplishing your goals. That method involves using a device known as the Quick Extender Pro.

The Quick Extender Pro is a small medical appliance that is strapped to the penis for 6 to 8 hours per day. It applies a gentle pressure without the discomfort of using heavy weights. Furthermore, its double strap technology provides maximum results and decreases the potential for discomfort.

A larger penis awaits you if that’s something you desire. Just be aware of the potential downsides and adjust what you do accordingly.


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