A Penis Extender and Your Relationship – The Conversation You Need to Have


Men who worry about the size of their penis don’t often share their concerns with their wife or girlfriend. Many times, these men have struggled with the issue for years on their own and it simply never occurs to them to voice their thoughts on the subject once they enter a relationship. Open communication is always a good idea when dealing with any problems but, when it comes to sexual Relationshipperformance, people can become surprisingly shy. Once a man decides to take a definitive step to addressing the issue, however, open and frank communication becomes a must. After all, using a penis extender effectively means wearing it regularly and for several hours per session. Nevertheless, this isn’t an easy conversation for many men to initiate.

Step 1: Know What You Want to Say

A conversation about your sex life can be surprisingly difficult to initiate. You and your partner may be wild between the sheets but actually discussing the details of your sex life can leave even the most adventurous couple at a loss for words. Starting the conversation can be the hardest part so take some time to think about exactly what you want to say. Maybe you’ve struggled with concerns over your penis size for years, or perhaps it’s a concern that has only come up recently. Whatever the case, give your partner a bit of history. The best way to do this is to sit down and write or type out what you want to say as a way to organize your thoughts. When the time comes, you can use what you’ve written as a sort of script to help keep you focused.

Step 2: Develop a FAQ

Consider the questions your wife or girlfriend may have about using a penis extender. Keep in mind that very few women know much of anything about these devices so she may have no idea what you’re talking about. If you have already ordered your device, show it to her so that she can see what it looks like and explain to her exactly how it works. Many websites now offer a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for their products. Printing out the FAQ for the device you buy can help to address some of her immediate questions and concerns. Some topics to cover during this part of the conversation include

  • How long will you need to wear the device? Review the length of time you will need to wear the penis extender for each session as well as how often you’ll need to wear it throughout the week. For example, some devices need to be worn overnight for at least 5 nights a week. Others can be worn for less time but must be used every day. 
  • How will this affect your sex life? Sometimes using a device will preclude you from having sex for the first week or so as your penis gets used to the extender. 
  • How long will you use the device? She may want to know exactly how big you want to get. This is perhaps the most common question. Be realistic about what you expect to gain from using a penis extender and discuss the length you would like to eventually achieve as well as how long you anticipate you will need to use the device in order to achieve it. 

Step 3: Listen With an Open Mind

Discussing the use of a penis extender with your partner is bound to bring up a lot of questions, emotions and mixed feelings. You’ve had weeks, months or even years to get used to the idea, but your partner has not. Give her time to think about everything you’ve shared with her and listen to what she has to say with an open mind. She may initially insist that size is simply not a problem for her and, if your only reason for seeking enlargement is for her benefit, listening to what she has to say could save you a significant amount of time. Usually, however, men who want to increase their size do so for their own reasons. No matter what you eventually decide, taking the time to listen to your partner and address her concerns will make the process much easier.


Author: Peter

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