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Are You Penis Extender Material? Take Our Simple Quiz!

Penis Extender Quiz

Making the decision to use a penis extender is one man make after they have done a lot of research. Many of the best penile enlargement options come along with a fairly hefty price tag. The fact of the matter is that these enlargement devices are a lot like any other kind of equipment you would use to mold and shape your body. Chances are you don’t think twice about paying a premium for membership at a gym with the best equipment or forking over a fair chunk of change for home equipment or DVD programs that you know can produce results. So, why would it be any different when deciding how much to pay for a penis extender?

With that in mind, it’s absolutely crucial that men choose a penis extender device that truly works for them and that they are honest about whether or not they are cut out for successful enlargement. The truth is that even the best penis extender won’t be worth a hill of beans if the man using it isn’t cut out for DIY enlargement.

Wondering if at home enlargement is the right choice for you? Take our simple quiz to learn if you are ready for enlargement and which method is best for you.

How disciplined are you?
A)     Very disciplined. When needed I have no problem adhering to a specific diet or schedule.
B)    Somewhat disciplined. I have a hard time maintaining my discipline unless I give up control to a certain degree.
C)    Not at all disciplined. I hate following the rules or sticking with a boring schedule.

Do you have a strong attention to detail and tracking specifics?
A)     Yes, extremely. I engage in hobbies like fantasy sports leagues or multi-player games that use details as part of game play.
B)    I am good at tracking details but I prefer to do it less often.
C)    I hate dealing with the details – let someone else track the small stuff, I’m a Big Picture kind of guy.

How long will you wait for results when it comes to body modification?
A)     I believe the best results come from slow and steady progress.
B)    I prefer accelerated results. I know that results have to be earned but I prefer to use hard core training methods to achieve results more quickly.
C)    I demand instant gratification.

How important is cost when it comes to buying products to help with penis enlargement?
A)    I am willing to pay more for a penis extender that had a proven track record. I view it as an investment.
B)    While I understand that a high-end device is more expensive, I want true value for money overall.
C)    I am super cheap – if I can’t find something for less than $20 I’ll probably pass.

How dramatic do you expect your results to be?
A)    I aim aiming for a better overall shape and a modest increase in size.
B)    If I am going to spend a lot of time and money, I expect seriously dramatic results.
C)    I really haven’t given it much thought.

That’s it! So now check out the answers you checked and find out what’s right for you:

Mostly As: You’re the perfect candidate for a penis extender. You already understand that successful enlargement relies as much on your attitude and dedication as it does the quality of the penis extender you choose.

Mostly Bs: While you are clearly dedicated to the idea of enlargement, a penis extender may deliver results too slow and not as dramatic as you would like. You would be a better candidate for penile enlargement surgery.

Mostly Cs: You haven’t really given enlargement the thought or planning it requires. Wait until you are ready to buckle down and get serious before you make an investment.


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