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Wearing a Penis Extender: When Is the Time to Stop?

When Is it Time to Stop Wearing a Penis Extender

Every good brand name penis extender is designed to be a safe, non-invasive solution to your penis size issues. If you use it according to the instructions

provided, you’ll achieve the result you want without any pain and – more importantly – without any health risks. But in a world where everything we could possibly ask for is just a few clicks away from us, it’s understandable that some men want to see the results quickly. It’s understandable, but it’s also completely unrealistic.

As has been said many times before, penis extender isn’t about providing a quick fix to your problem, but rather about giving you a lasting solution. If you ignore the rules and use it as you please, the problems that have made you decide to use it in the first place can only grow bigger. To ensure the results you’re looking for will be there in a timely manner, you must know when you’ve worn your penis extender long enough. Discipline, patience, and perseverance are essential to your eventual success.

Recommended Daily Use

Each penis extender comes in a packaging that also includes the instruction manual on how to use it. The maximum daily time you should wear the device should never exceed six hours. But like you don’t start lifting the heaviest weights when you go in for your first training, you shouldn’t immediately start using an extender for the maximum amount of time allowed. Instead, your penis needs to get used to the traction force and the stretching that’s happening as you’re using the device.

Most manufacturers recommend starting with just two hours per day to get you prepared for bigger things to come. After a few days or weeks, you can extend the use to up to four hours a day. Only when you’ve used it for several weeks – first for two hours, then for four hours a day – will your body be ready for a full six-hour session. If you expose your body to too much stretching too early in the game, you’re risking some serious injuries to your penis that not even the world’s top surgeons would be able to fix.

Always Stay on the Safe Side

SafetyRuptured blood vessels around the penis are just one of the many potential consequences of using a penis extender excessively. It also happens when you go for cheaper black market models just because the price point makes them more appealing. The symptoms are visible as soon as you put the device on. If you see blood-red and brown marks under the strap or the loop, remove the extender immediately. Using it even for a minute in this condition could make a painful, high-stakes surgery our only option.

As we’ve already explained, your penis needs time to adapt to the force you’re applying to it. If you start with the maximum traction force that you’re not yet ready for, you’ll feel an unbearable pain as the muscles and blood vessels are ruptured. In many cases, this can disfigure your penis and create curvatures that weren’t there before. This condition is called Peyronie’s Disease and if you notice any of the symptoms, it’s essential to consult a medical expert and start treatment immediately.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

WarningOne of the major risks of using an unreliable penis extender – and the market is flooded with cheap and dangerous knock-offs – or using a good one excessively is cutting the blood flow to your penis. When this occurs, you’ll feel a slight discomfort in your penis, regardless of whether you’re wearing the device or not. Although our natural inclination is to ignore these feelings, that’s really the worst thing you can do. Extenders are designed to be comfortable, so if you feel the opposite, you might have a serious problem.

See, in order for the oxygen to travel through our body, we need blood. If you cut the flow of blood to the penis, you’re effectively cutting its oxygen supply. Without it, the cells in the penis tissue won’t be able to survive and will slowly die, one by one. The consequences are severe – in the worst case scenario, doctors will have no other choice but to amputate the penis. If you catch the problem early, there might be hope for you. Of course, you can avoid this altogether by simply following the instructions.


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