Penis Extenders

How a Penis Extender Can Change Your Life

Change Your Life

Plenty of guys use a penis extender these days. Some people have even said that penis enlargement seems to be becoming the newest form of mainstream body modification. With more

and more guys getting on board, it is creating a lot of buzz and plenty of other guys are wondering if it’s the right move for them and how it could potentially change their lives.

Body Modification

The first change it makes is also the most obvious: Using a penis extender will change the shape of your penis. While guys kind of laugh at this, the truth is that some men don’t stop to think about the implications of that before they begin the enlargement process. Changing the shape of your penis will alter the way you experience sex, masturbation and just daily life. It could change the way you dress (essentially turning a leftie into a righty or vice versa) and how you position your penis when wearing athletic cups.

Heightened Health Awareness

Taking an active role in improving your sexual performance and satisfaction has a way of making you more aware of your overall health. Learning about how diet and nutrition can affect everything from a man’s sex drive to his flexibility drives home how important whole health is in order to have a good sex life. Several studies have also found a strong connection between nutrition and diet to levels of creativity. So not only could a healthy diet help your performance, it could help you come up with sexy ideas to make your nights even more fun.

Increased Sensitivity For a While

Increase sensitivity is a common side effect of using a traction style penis extender. While the increase in sensitivity is a temporary issue, for men who have a history of premature ejaculation, it can potentially trigger another episode. This is worth mentioning both for men who have had to deal with early ejaculation in the past, as well as those with lifestyle that make them vulnerable to the condition. This includes men who have a lot of stress – including work related stress – or who have poor circulation, increased anxiety or erectile dysfunction.

Focusing Your Time

Focus your timeIn order to a penis extender to be effective, it needs to be worn for several hours a day, every day, over the course of several weeks and even months. This demand of time translates into a need for men to develop a schedule and stick to it. Maintaining a schedule creates instant structure and organisation for a person’s day and this focusing of time is known to improve how ell people focus their attention. By using the times you need to wear your penis extender as a framework, you can create a streamlined, focused and more productive day.

One Thing Leads to Another

One of the best things about using a penis extender is that it kicks off a domino effect of overall self-improvement. As you go through the enlargement process and begin to see results and changes both in the shape of your penis and how you feel, it can stoke the fire of motivation to help you achieve other goals. While it’s important not to undertake too many changes at once, adding in positive changes and behaviours as you go can be a great way of boosting your spirits.

At the end of the day, using a penis extender does a lot more than just change the shape of your penis. The demands the enlargement process makes and the effects of this type of body modification can be used as a catalyst to improve other areas of your life, making it a choice that improve your life and help you make the changes you’ve always wanted to, but never had the courage to do.


Author: Peter

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