Penis Traction

The Shocking Truth to the Magic of the Traction Device

The history of penis traction

Penis extenders use a concept called traction to cause the penis to grow. Many people don’t understand the traction device, its role, or whether it’s safe, though. It’s no surprise many men are worried when it comes to the traction device since strapping anything to the penis is a cause for concern. Here’s the truth behind penis enlargement traction devices in its entirety.

What Does the Traction Device Do?

The traction device pulls on the penis continuously. It’s safe when used in the correct setting and doesn’t damage the penis in any biological way. It’s the heart of the extender and works by stretching the penis to cause small microscopic tears in the penile tissue. This tissue leaves a small gap which the body fills in over time. When the body causes cells to replicate, these cells fill in the gap which makes the penis grow in both length and girth. Tearing the penile tissue isn’t dangerous since none of the nerve cells or blood vessels are impacted. In fact, users won’t feel any pain at all.

Is Traction New?

The history of penis tractionModern traction devices are entirely new. But there’s nothing stopping interested people from looking back through history. The concept of traction was used throughout history within various civilizations. One of the earliest examples is the tribes of West Africa, in what is now Niger and Nigeria. Longer necks were a status symbol. Those who had longer necks were considered as more important in society, and as such the royal family had the longest necks of all. These necks weren’t natural. On the contrary, they were entirely man-made  As soon as a child was born the neck was stretched through traction. Over time, the length of the neck increased.

On a sexual level people have been practicing traction since the times of Ancient Egypt. Simply placing weights on the penis for a few hours each day accomplishes the same thing as modern day traction devices, although these methods are far more dangerous.

Pain and Discomfort

One of the main fears of men who are thinking about using a traction device is pain. Some people have mistakenly purported the view it’s incredibly painful due to the tears in the penile tissue. This isn’t the case at all. The only times when someone feels pain from one of these penis enlargement tools is if they disobey the manufacturer’s instructions, or if the product they bought is of a low quality.

During the first few uses a certain level of minor discomfort is expected. It’s something the body isn’t used to, in the same manner as the first few days of a new workout program causes minor discomfort. Simply follow the instructions and buy a good product and any outright pain isn’t a factor.

Wearing it on the Go

Wearing an Extender on the goTo take full advantage of any penis traction device, people have to commit to wearing it at least a few hours a day throughout the week. It’s a big commitment to people who have very busy lives, but the beauty of the traction device is people can wear it on the go.

Wear loose clothing and stay away from things like jeans and briefs to wear it on the go. Jogging bottoms and boxer shorts are ideal for wearing it with clothes on. As well as being able to wear it outside, the device is discrete. Unless the wearer tells something they are wearing it nobody will suspect a thing.

Sleeping On It

Although most manufacturers don’t particularly recommend it, people can sleep with their device. It’s important to use some common sense when it comes to wearing a penis extender in the bedroom. Someone who tosses and turns throughout the night are putting themselves at risk if they wear an extender. However, if staying in the same position all night there’s nothing preventing the use of a traction device during the night hours.

Before choosing to wear it during the night, ask a partner about sleeping habits. They will know better than anyone as to how much the user moves.

What about the Side Effects?

There are no side effects of using a traction device. It’s not a medication and it’s not a drug, it’s a physical entity acting on the outside of the body, whilst simultaneously changing what happens inside the body. As a result, it means there are no side effects. Some of the negative outcomes associated with penis traction extenders as a whole are caused by the products themselves.

For example, using an extender which doesn’t take advantage of medical grade materials guarantees breakages sooner rather than later. If this happens it could cause serious damage to the penis. Lower quality products also tend to save on costs by choosing the silicone loop over the strap. This constricts the blood flow and over time leads to the individual amputating part of their penis.

How Long Does It Take?

Look at what the traction device does. It’s increasing the size of a part of the body. It’s not something to take lightly. This is something which takes months to accomplish, so don’t be discouraged by a lack of results in the first few days.


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