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Sex and the Seasons – Successful Male Enhancement Any Time of Year

Sex and Seasons

Whether it’s a polar vortex or a scorching heat wave, every season has its challenges. A man working on upping his sexual performance and improving his sexual health might suffer

those challenges a bit Sex and Seasonsmore than others. Especially if he’s using a penis extender to add inches and girth, he sometimes needs to get a little creative and exercise some caution during the harsher temps, stormy seasons or to work around the major holiday events every season brings.

Being prepared for the seasonal changes and challenges is the best way for the penis extender user to keep up with his male enhancement program and enjoy the full benefits of his eventual penis enlargement success.

Winter Warming

In the dead of winter, walking around at home in his boxers while wearing the penis extender can make a man start to shiver. It takes some extra warming efforts in the winter time to make those hours of gentle penis traction possible. Loose-fitting flannel or fleece pyjama pants are a great investment for the coldest season. Consider buying them one size too big in order to accommodate the penis enlargement device you will be discreetly attached to underneath.

Boxers are probably the best bet for underwear all year long, during penis extender use. Try flannel boxers in the winter for the warming support your privates deserve.  Ask your lover for some warm boxers for Hanukkah, Christmas or Valentine’s Day to keep the spark and sense of humour between you going strong during the penis enlargement phase of your sexy relationship.

Are you travelling for the holidays? This can get tricky for male enhancement purposes. As long as you have a private room wherever you’ll be staying, you can use the penis extender at least an hour before sleep or even during sleep, too.

Spring Stretching

Ah, spring! Perhaps the most comfortable time of year for using a penis traction device, it’s worth a mention that allergies could be a possible issue. When practicing gradual penis stretching in spring, make sure to take any allergy medications or precautions before attaching the penis extender. Excessive sneezing could bring some physical discomfort and any skin sensitivities due to pollen, dander, etc. should be addressed first to avoid any skin irritation on your body anywhere.

Best leave the penis enlargement device at home during the Easter egg hunt! Don’t wear the device when you’re going to be active, in any season or any weather.

Summer Extending

Summertime heat can be a bear. It’s best to use the penis extender during private hours where you’re in a very cool, comfortable environment. Now’s your chance to spend the evening wearing your light cotton boxers and nothing else. Or go nans underwear, too, if the setting is right. Very hot and humid temperatures are not ideal for any therapeutic action like penis traction. The penis extender is made specifically with a man’s comfort in mind, so wear it in a comfortable place in a comfortable temperature. Excessive sweating in the groin and beyond just isn’t comfy at all, so stay cool as you extend for better relaxation and results.

It goes without saying that you should not wear your penis extender device in the swimming pool, no matter how private. While we’re on the subject, don’t wear it in the shower, either. Keep the device dry and well cared for so it will last all year long.

Autumn Augmenting

It’s getting chilly again and the year-end holidays make life crazy, for sure, but augmenting your penis in autumn is completely doable. Be mindful of cold and flu season coming on and how any deep coughing and hacking can hinder your comfort level during penis extender use. Allergies can be a hindrance this time of year, too, so work your penis enlargement device schedule into the most comfortable pockets of your days and months as the leaves turn and the Halloween parties come and go.

No matter the season, taking care to be as healthy and comfortable as possible when using a penis extender is the ultimate goal for best long-term success. Stay warm in the cold months, stay cool and dry in the warmer months and stay on track with ample daily penis extender device use as much as possible. You’ll be amazed at the progress you’ve made toward your male enhancement goals as the seasons change!


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