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Are All Penis Extenders Created Equal?


Advertising and marketing surround us constantly. The history of both advertising and marketing are rich with stories about campaigns that sold rival products which, once the labels were removed, were entirely interchangeable. Today, we like to think of ourselves as being more savvy. Consumers research everything from which high end electronics offer the best experience to which toilet paper is the most environmentally Equallyconscience choice. When considering a health related product, such as a penis extender, that desire to research various models can become especially heightened. Researching some products, particularly those for sex enhancement, can be difficult. In many cases, products aren’t fully reviewed and finding photographs of them can be difficult. Some people claim products such as those don’t vary and the only real difference is in its marketing. Are all penis extenders created equally? Are some truly designed to work better or is the only difference in the marketing?

The Common Denominator

One of the biggest reasons some people think all penis extension devices are the same is that they all work on the same scientific principle – apply pressure long enough and you’ll see results. It’s a principle which has worked for penis growth for generations and is mentioned in ancient history from China, India and the Middle East. Using this proven technique, it has been possible for generations of men to achieve extra length over time.

Traditionally, results were achieved by stretching the penis for extended periods of time. This could be done by attaching small stones or other weights to the head of the penis and leaving it in place throughout the day or night. Other cultures developed special stretching routines which kept the fibrous tissue pliant in order to stretch the penis more effectively. Although the two techniques differ, they use the same basic scientific principle and each continues to be used by some men today.

So, What’s the Difference?

Although the principle behind penis extension devices is the same, that doesn’t mean they all perform the same. Anyone who has researched penis extender models known that prices can vary widely, as can claims about their efficacy. Penis extenders tend to look very similar from one model to the next. Essentially, they all feature a way of securing the penis in a stretched state as well as a way to increase tension, which is how growth is achieved over time.

The difference comes in the quality of the construction and how well the penis extender is made in terms of user comfort. Let’s face it – if you’re going to use a penis extender, you’re going to have it on for several hours at a time, so comfort is pretty important. There is always some initial discomfort when using any penis enlargement device but an extender or pump should never be painful. Results are, after all, something which comes over time. Look for extenders which offer padded areas, rounded edges and comfortable straps.

The quality of the overall extender can also be seen in how it is advertised. Extenders which promise results overnight are simply not trustworthy or they only supply short term benefit. Just as with any other exercise or routine designed to improve physical appearance, penis enlargement takes time. Vacuum pumps are well known for offering immediate gains in girth, but the majority of that girth will not appear again unless the pump is used consistently and over a long period of time. Today’s savvy consumers understand that every company uses their best case scenarios for advertising, but be cautious of any company promising extreme results overnight.

Penis extenders work on the scientific principles of traction. If you apply pressure for long enough, you can do just about anything – including lengthen your penis. Although they use the same science, each extender model varies slightly, usually in overall quality or user comfort. Understanding how products can differ in these two areas, and what to look for, helps men find a penis enlargement device that offers true value for money.


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