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3 Important Features of the Best Penis Extenders

Best Penis Extenders

Whether buying a penis extender device for you or for someone else, reading all the penis extender reviews can be very time consuming. When you know a few key elements to be on the watch for in each review or product description, your shopping experience can go much more smoothly.

Best Penis ExtendersSo take the time first to read what we have learned are three very important features of a safe and effective penis extender.

Tests and Testimonials

Never buy a penis extender that the manufacturer has not put through lots of testing before offering it to consumers. Especially a device like this that is responsible for therapeutic traction of a very delicate area, make sure the company is dedicated to product pre-testing. These devices should be tested for:

  • Reliability
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Convenience

Part of that testing process can be via consumers using the devices and giving their personal feedback, so pay close attention to customer testimonials, too.

However, some testimonials are worth more than others. Testimonials with the most value are from men who have used the penis extender according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. They used the device correctly and consistently and didn’t stop use before the recommended amount of weeks, for optimal results.

Testimonials from men who quit using the penis enlargement device early probably grew inpatient because they wanted a quick fix for penis growth. It takes time for new cell growth to develop and show results, so if you’re not in this for the full few months of consistent use you’re not going to get the results you crave from this method.

That’s why manufacturers who promise super quick results should be questioned and those that promise gradual, gentle penis growth are the more trustworthy people in the pack.

Manufacturers having a doctor’s stamp of approval would be great way to help narrow down your choice of penis traction devices, too.

Claims for Gradual Growth, Not Overnight Success

Of course we all dream about immediate, overnight results with any treatments we try and you likely will, too. Unfortunately, that’s not how the body works when creating extra tissue inside the penis shaft. A penis extender isn’t just gently stretching your penis over time; it’s helping your body add length with new growth that will last.

So avoid any penis extender reviews with claims that your penis will gain inches within a few days. It’s just not possible for the body to achieve that kind of quick and permanent fix through penis traction therapy. The reason a penis traction device works at all is via the slow, gradual action. If a penis extender review claims great results within a few days or even a few weeks, something is fishy and your guard should be up.

Money Back Guarantees

Never buy a penis extender without the manufacturer backing it up with a great return policy. There should always be a way to get back most of your investment if the device doesn’t meet manufacturer guarantees.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines for correct usage and give their customer service department a call if you need extra support, before deciding to return the device. After all, you stand to lose out on the growth you might have gained if you simply give up before the device has a chance to work!

If the wording of a manufacturer’s return policy is confusing, give them a call for further explanation before making your purchase. Understanding your refund or product exchange rights ahead of time makes for a happier experience overall.

If the customer service representatives don’t seem pleasant and helpful when you call, take that as a warning sign of bad connections with this company to come. Choose a different device from a different manufacturer.

A penis extender can be a really rewarding investment, if the manufacturer has done extensive testing, has great client testimonials, promises gradual growth and offers money back guarantees. As with any purchase of medical devices or products for therapeutic physical support, doing your homework before purchasing can save a great deal of headache later.

Your body deserves the best penis extender your hard-earned money can buy. Watch for these important features as you browse through penis enlargement reviews and you’ll be a wise consumer more likely to be proud of his purchase for the long-term.


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