Penis Size

Penis Size: Truth or Fiction

It goes without saying there are a lot of assumptions, myths, and urban legends regarding the average size of the male penis. Perhaps some of this is due to the fact that our discomfort over talking about such things in public has led us to be more jocular than we need to be. Perhaps another factor is a natural obsession with fertility; something that is biologically necessary in order to propagate the species. In either case, some of the things you’ve heard about penis size are absolutely true. Most of them however, are pure fiction.

In the following paragraphs we’ll discuss some of these assumptions, myths, and urban legends. We’ll provide evidence for those that are true and do our best to debunk those that are false. If this is a topic that interests you, hang on for the ride.

Penis Size Correlates to Shoe Size: Fiction

Penis Size and Shoe SizeOne of the oldest urban legends in the world is that you can tell the size of man’s penis by looking at his shoe size. Despite the prevalence of this myth no one’s ever explained what the ratio is supposed to be. Is it 2-to-1, 3-to-1, or perhaps even higher? It doesn’t matter because it’s not true.

In a 2002 study at University College of London researchers took a look at 104 men to determine if there was any correlation between penis size and shoe size. The task was a bit more difficult than first imagined due to disagreement over how penis size should be measured. In the end doctors decided to stretch the organ with a predetermined amount of force so that it would be equal among all of the test subjects. When measured this way they discovered that there is absolutely no correlation between the size of a man’s feet and that of his penis.

Penis Size Correlates to Index Finger: Truth

Another interesting urban legend states that you can get a good idea of penis size by looking at the relationship between the index finger and ring finger. In most men the index finger is slightly smaller. Yet a Greek study in 2002 among 1,500 men showed that those with longer index fingers also had larger penises. Further research indicates that the reason behind this phenomenon may be an increased amount of testosterone in the womb when the mothers of these men were pregnant.

A couple of other studies since then have confirmed the findings of the Greek researchers. Higher testosterone levels in the womb tend to produce men with larger penises and index fingers. That said, the size of the index finger does not necessarily give you an accurate measurement of the penis down to tenths of an inch.
Penis Size Correlates to Height and Weight

Penis Size Correlates to Height and Weight: Truth

If you’ve heard that taller and heavier men have bigger packages than smaller men, it’s true. But realize it’s only due to the law of proportions. All human beings have been created with certain proportional relationships in order for the body to work as efficiently as possible.

For example, think about the legs in proportion to the arms. If the legs were a tad bit shorter while the arms were somewhat longer, we would not be able to run and walk as efficiently as we do. Naturally, all of enjoy similar proportions between arms and legs.

The fact remains that all of our body parts follow generalized rules of proportion. So it just stands to reason that a man of 6’2″ and 250 pounds would have larger proportions than a man at 5’7″ and 140 pounds. Larger overall size will translate into a larger penis.

Penis Size Correlates to Fertility: Fiction

For centuries ancient civilizations assumed that fertility and penis size were directly related. So much so that there are entire religions devoted to penis size manifested in the worship of phallic symbols. Unfortunately for them, fertility and penis size are in no way related. Fertility is a matter of sperm production, both in terms of volume and quality. You could be the most fertile man in the world and the smallest at the same time.

Penis Size Cannot Be Permanently Increased: Fiction

This myth is one that has persisted due to the ignorance of the medical community. Yet centuries of evidence prove that penis size can be increased through traction. What is traction? It is a process of stretching targeted body tissue by applying a gentle but steady pulling pressure. It is a process the some types of doctors are already intimately familiar with, having used it for skin grafting, cosmetic surgery, and increasing muscle size and mass.

In addition, we have plenty of photographic evidence to prove traction works on all sorts of body tissues. From India to Africa to South America, various indigenous tribes over the years have shown us how effective traction can be to enlarge the ears, lips, neck — and yes, even the penis.


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