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5 Weird Male Enhancement Options

Bee honey

If you spend enough time reading male enhancement reviews you start to become familiar with the options there are for increasing size, improving stamina and even boosting libido. But there are some enhancement options that never make it to the mainstream – and for good reason. Here we’ve gathered together 5 of the strangest techniques we’ve found as we research various male enhancement products online and off. Needless to say, these are definitely NOT on our list of recommendations!

Seal Penis

Seal PenisThere are a lot of weird things you can eat or use that are supposed to make you crazy virile but perhaps the strangest of all is the story of the seal penis. Some practitioners of Asian herbal medicine firmly believe that using products made from the penis of seals can do amazing things for a man’s sexual health and satisfaction. What makes this story really stand out, though, is how powerful their buying power has become. In June of 2015, a report written by the Canadian government was exposed as a part of the country’s Access to Information Act. The report, originally written in 2013, discussed different “opportunities and challenges” associated with the management and commercial use of Grey Seals. In the report, it offered a number of uses for using parts of the seal including the making of durable pelt-aprons for commercial use, using the meat to make seal based meatball and hotdogs, selling protein powder made from the animal as a weight loss product and even using the animal’s penis to sell to Asian buyers.

Hitler’s Penis Potion

No, this isn’t anything to do with a product made from Hitler, but it is a procedure the dictator was said to have used regularly. The story goes that Adolf regularly injected his penis with a mixture of a special kind of testosterone that was made from a combination of semen and prostate glands of young bulls. While Hitler may be the weirdest fan, the mixture was reportedly pretty popular – and effective – in the time before Viagra.

Like Bees to Honey

Bee honeyFor guys who don’t mind a bit of extra pain in order to gain, there’s always the bee sting method for penile enlargement. This particular recommendation dates back to the earliest of times and is mentioned as a way to increase girth in the ancient text the Kama Sutra. Today it’s actually still practised, though in a limited form. But today’s advocates love it as a part of their own love affair with pain itself, and not any substantial proof of long term gains.

Like a Rock

RockBefore traction devices were developed, men were still able to use the same basic methodology in order to lengthen their penis. During ancient times, men would ties small rocks to the end of their penis with a bit of string. In the beginning they’d use very light pebbles and slowly work their way up. And it actually worked. This method used small amounts of pressure over a long period of time in order to lengthen the penis. This is the same method effectively used today in modern traction machines – though a lot less painfully and with greater results.

Bottom’s Up!

Another ancient treatment still being advocated today is just downright unsavoury: drinking your own urine. According to doctors and traditions throughout India and parts of China, drinking your own urine is meant to help improve or cure a host of problems. In fact, urine therapy is advocated for everything from hypertension to mumps.

These extreme examples may make us laugh but there was a time when each was seen as a viable method for sexual improvement. Today’s male enhancement reviews can help men to learn not only about what’s available now but how far the industry has come. In the end, male enhancement reviews serve not only to help educate men about their options, but also to remind us all that things have only gotten better!


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