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Penis Extender – Pleasure Device or Essential Medical Treatment?

The penis extender is perhaps the most popular penis enlargement device in the world. It’s a fantastic way to increase the size of the penis and thus increase the pleasure of having sex. However, it can also help with Penis Extender - Pleasure Device or Essential Medical Treatment?Peyronie’s disease. That’s right, this penis extender can actually be used as a medical treatment that helps ease the symptoms and eventually correct your penis curve.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a strange condition in that many people don’t realize that it’s a disease. The symptoms associated with it are actually just passed off as a normal part of life and people believe that there’s no cure for it. However, even those who are aware of it still fail to cure it as they’ll use pills, tablets, and other products that can actually make it worse and damage the body.

Basically, the disease is where firm tissue appears within the penis itself. It feels like a lump and it causes the tissue of the penis and the many layers of skin to stick together. It causes the penis to bend dramatically and is usually seen when it’s erect. It’s not the same thing as the bend that occurs in a penis of a young man, it’s something that can appear at any age. In more severe cases the penis is bent even when it’s flaccid. For men this can be debilitating to their self-esteem as the penis looks shorter than it really is and having sex can be made almost impossible.

Problems of Peyronie’s Disease

  • It can make it difficult to direct the penis into the vagina in a natural way due to the dramatic curvature of the penis.
  • A loss of self-esteem and self-worth since the penis appears to look shorter, and that’s always a major concern amongst males.
  • The penis can feel malformed and unappealing, for both the sufferer’s partner and the sufferer.
  • Studies have shown that men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease actually have a higher chance of experiencing personal emotional problems, such as depression and extreme anxiety, and relationship troubles, due to the lack of intimacy and the obstacles that are in the way of expressing love through sex.

How Can an Extender Help?

If a high quality penis extender is used then it’s just a matter of putting on the extender and letting it perform its magic. It does this by stretching the penis normally, so if the bend in the penis is present then it will become less prominent as the penis is stretched. The user should be careful when using this method because they will have to adjust the pressure to suit them specifically. If it feels uncomfortable then adjust the pressure accordingly.

The penis extender device doesn’t just mask the problem, though. What it does is it actually helps cure the problem by getting rid of this firm tissue. As the process is ongoing on a daily basis the tissue begins to dissolve over time. This will take a while and requires a regular commitment to acquire correctly, but it’s been shown by countless clinical trials to dissolve the lump. It should be noted that eventually the lump will split apart and a number of tiny lumps will be felt. This is a good sign. Eventually the tissue will have soon dissolved completely and the problem will be solved even if the individual then decides to stop using the extender.

Notes on Quality

When dealing with a sensitive issue like this it’s important that the materials don’t cause any issues with the skin. Genital skin is incredibly sensitive so if the materials are rough then they can easily irritate the skin and cause large amounts of discomfort. High quality brands of penis extenders only use materials that are used by medical professionals for the purposes of penis enlargement and that they know won’t irritate the skin. Deciding to spend less by opting for an unknown or blatantly bad brand will just lead to problems. At best it could cause an allergic reaction and some minor discomfort, but at its worst it could cause crippling pain and even permanent penis problems.

Take note of the design of the part that wraps itself around the head of the penis. If there’s no give in it then avoid using it because it will cause issues. The worst possibility is that it becomes too tight and it begins to cut off the circulation to the penis. A minor cutting off of the circulation might not be felt, but the cells within will be suffering as they won’t be being nourished by the blood. Eventually, the tissue will die and then the penis will become useless. This can’t be cured and is permanent. Always opt for the most comfortable strap available.


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