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5 Ways to Spot the Penis Extender You Want to Avoid


Shopping around for self-improvement products can be difficult. Usually it isn’t possible to try these products before you buy them as they are intended for personal use or the results take so long that by the time you know whether or not they work, the return period has lapsed. This is true for weight loss products, weight training or exercise equipment and, of Searchingcourse, products designed to help improve sexual performance or enlarge the penis, such as a vacuum pump or penis extender. So how can you shop around for these products effectively? When it comes to penis enlargement devices, there are some tell-tale red flags you can look for in order to identify penis extender and vacuum pump models that are worth avoiding.

  1. The Sales Hype is Simply Too Good To Be True

First things first – check out the company’s advertising for the model. While all sales copy is bound to be a little over enthusiastic, copy that reads like a used car salesman wrote it should be given a wide berth. That type of advertising is high-pressure and often stresses that quantities are limited or that their special pricing won’t last long. When a company puts THAT much pressure on their customers to buy something right away, it’s usually because they know it’s no good.

  1. Reviews Are Poorly Written and ALWAYS Positive

Unscrupulous companies that push out sub-par products will sometimes pay for reviews to be written by writers willing to lie for a little money. This practice isn’t exactly widespread but it does happen and knowing how to spot a bad review can help you be a better shopper. Fake reviews always focus on the positive and rarely, if ever, mention any problems with the product. They are also usually poorly written with little or no details on the product itself, including how it works and how it feels once you’re using it. Finally, these reviews will usually use the same words or phrases in order to try and make their reviews appear earlier in search results.

  1. Details are Vague

Read the product description closely and see how well the product is described in terms of how it works. Also look for links to photos of the penis extender or pump. Sometimes these photos are not immediately displayed since the devices are, to be fair, sometimes a bit intimidating looking. But this is to be expected so when you first see the device, don’t be put off if it doesn’t exactly marry up with what you were envisioning. These devices may not look like pieces of art, but well-constructed devices get the job done. Those kinds of details should be spelled out in fairly good detail as a part of the description. If the description sounds like it could be for any device and offers no real insight as to its construction or how it works, move onto to better devices.

  1. The Company Hides Their Contact and Returns Information

Every company with a website should offer up their contact details and information on returns and guarantees in an easy to find manner. Companies that hide this information are often doing so in order to make it harder for people with complaints to get in touch. Ideally, their contact details should be at the top or bottom of every page on their website but, failing that, check the home page or lick on anything related to Order FAQs.

  1. Customer Service is Non-Existent

Once you have the contact details, drop them a line asking about specifics of a certain penis extender or details on their returns policy. This isn’t necessarily to get that information (which should be available on their website) but instead to gauge how good their customer service is. Companies may take a day or two to respond, but any company that leaves you waiting won’t be any help should something go wrong with the delivery or use of the device.


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