Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis Enlargement 101: For Your Health and Wellbeing

The truth about Reviews

Penis enlargement tools can improve your penis size, confidence, and your sex life, but what effects does it have on your health? We’ll look at the top ways enlarging your penis can change your life, and what it will not change.

What do penis enlargement tools do?

As the name points out, enlargement of one’s penis is the goal of these products. Be careful of fake review sites that boast amazing results. Outside of enlargement surgery, there are very few other options that yield amazing results. It should be noted that there are such things as size pills, extenders and pumps that do work, but keep in mind there are gimmicks and schemes out there that are not truthful in their claims.

What do penis extender tools not do?

There has been no known link from extending one’s penis to an increase in sperm production. Sperm production takes place in the testicles which are unrelated to the overall size of the penis. Although there are some pills that boast both an increase in size and sperm production, but those pills that do both use a wide array of nutrients and chemicals that activate individually. Be wary of claims to increase sperm production as typically these claims are not justified. Be sure to research pills before taking and consulting a doctor before starting new supplementation.

How to spot a fake review site

If you’ve been on the internet for very long, chances are your email has been spammed with junk that claims an increase in everything from size to girth and everything in-between. Most of those are going to be fakes from the start, but how do you determine which products do work? Just like other products, penis extenders get reviewed too. Try to look for sites that offer up reviews on a wide array of products that are offered from different companies. The industry is very competitive and although there are fake review sites out there that create false reviews of other company’s products, chances are they won’t waste the time trying to slander their competitors.

How to spot a fake product

The truth about ReviewsAs stated earlier, most products offered online are going to be fake. They won’t give you a better looking, or longer penis, but they might perform a magic trick and make your money disappear. It is easy to be fooled but don’t stress out if you’ve been fooled before. There are products out there that do what you are looking for. The best way is to find a product that offers a satisfaction guarantee. Typically a company will not offer a guarantee unless they are confident that you will see results. To further safeguard yourself from a fake product, make sure that the company’s contact information is posted right on their website. If they hide their contact info, they don’t want anyone contacting them asking for a return or refund.

How fast can I expect to see results?

If you find a product that you like and try it out, it will take time to see results. Most products that offer up immediate results are going to be fake, avoid them. The one exception is surgery which is performed by a doctor, is invasive, and involves altering your body. Additionally, penis pumps can show temporary results immediately, but will require use over time in order for the size to stay. Other products like pills and extenders will take time to develop the size of the penis. With pills, typically the body is being biologically altered by chemicals and nutrients. With the extender, your body’s cells are being forced to micro-tear and divide (much like the growth of muscle fibers) and can take up to a month to see the first results. As stated above, only the size and shape of the penis will change and not the amount of sperm produced.

What if I want to see results like an increase in sperm count?

Sperm count is altered by many things, but it has not yet been linked to an increase in penile size. One sure way to increase your sperm count is to increase your overall health. A proper diet along with regular cardio exercise has been shown to increase sperm production in the testes along with the overall quality of the sperm. For men with low sperm counts and viability, these two simple lifestyle changes can increase the chance for conception as well as creating a larger sperm “load.” There are pills and natural remedies on the market to increase sperm production and health, but as with penile enlargement products, do your research and remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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