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Six Things to Look For in Male Supplement Reviews


Once you begin researching male supplement reviews, you’ll soon realize there are plenty of reviews that sound more like advertisements than unbiased evaluations. So how can you wade through the BS and get to the reviews that are actually legit? Simple – keep an eye out for these six signs of legitimate male supplement reviews that can help you find the right product for you instead of just more sales copy.

Proper Spelling and Grammar

Good GrammarThere’s no need to turn into the Grammar Police, but a good review should be fairly well-written! Some problems with punctuation or a minor spelling error is fine, but when a review sounds as though it’s been written by a trained monkey, chances are it’s an automated review or one written by someone for hire.

Specific Information on Results

Good male supplement reviews will offer up specific details on results. No matter what the supplement (or other product) is meant to do, results are key. If the supplement you’re researching is designed to boost energy and stamina, look for reviews that mention specifics on how much longer they were able to last in bed, or how it helped to make joints more pliable and aid in different positions. Reviews that talk only in terms of vague improvements (i.e. ‘this really helped’, ‘the differences were so varied’ or other vague Reviewsendorsements) could be referring to just about anything and suggest the reviewer has never used the product.

Details on the Supplement Ingredients

Although most companies won’t divulge everything in their supplements, they must by law provide details on the main minerals and herbs used as the active ingredients. Some may say they have a ‘proprietary blend’ but they should still offer up details on the ingredients that make their supplement so great. People who write male supplement reviews should also review these active ingredients as a routine part of their review. They may not list every ingredient in the supplement, but they should touch on the active ingredients and how potent they are.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

No product is perfect and regardless of how well it works, there are bound to be a few drawbacks. Supplements that use ingredients such as Green Tea extract or Bee Pollen, for example, may be great at delivering more energy, but men who take it on an empty stomach may find it makes them feel jittery or light headed. These kinds of insightful remarks in male supplement reviews show that the reviewer has real world experience with the blend and is able to evaluate it fairly – warts and all.

Other Reviews from the Same Person

A person who regularly writes male supplement reviews won’t just write a review for one single product and leave it at that. If you read a review from someone who sounds as though they have experience with several different products, check for their reviews on other websites to get a feel for how many products they’ve tried as well as how fair and balanced their reviews generally are. If you find the same person touting the same brand or specific product over and over again but never reviewing anything else, it could be the sign of someone from within the company writing fake reviews to help boost sales.

Reviews on Third Party Websites

Part of looking for reviews from people on various websites is all about finding reviews not directly connected with the company selling the product. Seeking out reviews on websites, message boards and forums that aim at helping men without trying to sell them anything boosts your chances of finding reviews that are truly well worth reading. These websites might be found through general health sites or by searching for user forums online.

Keeping an eye out for these signs of a legit review can help you find the perfect male enhancement product for any issue you may have. Keeping them in mind can also help should you decide to begin writing reviews to help other guys as well. Review websites and word of mouth advertising is critical to any company – so do what you can to help those companies and products that actually help men in need.


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