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Your Health, Your Happiness, Your Life: Why Shopping Smart Isn’t Optional

Shopping Smart

Adulting is hard. It seems the older we get, the more we have to do when it comes to every part of our lives. Literally everything just gets more and more complicated. Seems

like just yesterday, you could run through the drive-thru for food, hit the town with your friends, stay out till dawn and wake up the next day ready for more. But now, going out means coordinating schedules, picking a place with the right craft beer for one guy, but vegan options for your friend who just got into MMA. And recovery isn’t the best either. Maybe you find yourself ready to head for home around the same time you used to be just going out. Whatever the scenario, once you start losing your edge, it’s natural to want to take charge and fix things.

That’s where the male enhancement market comes into play. But even when you’re looking at products to improve your game, it’s all become a bit more complicated. You can’t just pick a product that looks good and hope for the best. Oh, no. Now you need to examine the contents for supplements, check out penile extender reviews and do research on companies to make sure you are working with someone who will back their products.

Let’s be honest – being a smart shopper is hard work. Doing research on products, companies and options can take days or even weeks for guys with a penchant for options. It’s no wonder that some guys are tempted to just take the easy route and pick whatever comes up first on their search, whichever has the best advertising or even just whatever seems like a good deal. But the truth is that skipping the adulating bit when it comes to buying male enhancement products can be downright dangerous.

The male enhancement market, like so many other self-improvement industries, isn’t well regulated. This is because many of the supplements are sold as herbal remedies which are not subject to the same rigorous testing as other medicines. While this makes them more accessible to the general public, it also means that companies don’t always take the greatest care when it comes to quality. Over the past several years, a number of disturbing problems have cropped up.

• In 2009, a male enhancement pill for erectile dysfunction was found to contain tainted, counterfeit versions of drugs for impotence and diabetes. This combination can be fatal and a similar pill killed more than a dozen men in Asia that same year.

• A company in Utah was indicted after it was discovered they had produced more than a million pills a month for 2 years which were tainted with other pharmaceuticals.

• A study in Singapore found that more than 75% of the male enhancement supplements they tested contained pharmaceuticals not listed on the label. In many cases, the dosage was much higher than normally prescribed making them potentially lethal.

Research and clinical studies aside, the Internet is rife with stories about men who have been injured from penis enlargement devices. Men have reported chronic aching, trouble maintaining erections and even problems with premature ejaculation.

These stories remind us all exactly what is at stake when we take control of our health and work to have an active role in its improvement and maintenance. Doing research by looking up specific ingredients, researching the companies that sell them, reading penile extender reviews and looking through all the options available may be time consuming but, in the end, there’s more at stake than just your sex life. The fact is, these products effect your entire body, your whole health – your LIFE. And, at the end of the day, your life is well worth the time it takes to read some penile extender reviews or do a bit of digging – you’re worth it.


Author: Peter

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