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The Seven Golden Rules For Your Penis


Taking care of something is a way to not only extend its life, but also to ensure it works as it should. This premise is a way of life for most men. Guys don’t think twice about changing the oil in their car, treating and maintaining sports equipment or dealing with preventative maintenance for electronics. When it comes to sexual performance or penis enlargement, however, men don’t always stop to think about how the choices they make to reach certain size or performance goals might be affecting their penis or their overall health.

Choose the Right Fuel for Performance.

PerformanceWhen you want to perform at your best, don’t cut corners on fuelling your body. Filling up with fast food burgers or frozen convenience foods may give you an initial boost, but they are full of sugar, fat and salt – a trifecta of bad nutrition. Instead, stick with lean meats and a wide variety of raw fruits and vegetables. If you have a diet already filled with processed foods, don’t make life hard by giving everything up cold turkey. Instead, start with simple swaps, like opting for oatmeal, healthy muffins or fruit and cereal for breakfast. Pass up a drive-thru burger for a healthier choice. Start small and make incremental changes in order to improve your chances for long term success.

Get an Idea of Your True Size.

Think you know how big your penis is? Chances are you don’t. In many cases, men don’t consider the size of their stomach and how can that diminish their penis size. If you’re sporting a bit of a beer belly, that takes away some of your usable length. When you measure your penis, you’ll still see the same number of inches for length, but when you have sex, that stomach gets in the way. Work on reducing stomach weight in order to make the most of what you have naturally.

True Size Works for Girth As Well.

Body size and shape may affect length, but your diet is what has the biggest impact on girth. The foods you choose have a direct effect on your cardiovascular health which, in turn, helps to determine the girth of your penis. Choose heart healthy foods and over time, you’ll see an improvement in the size and quality of your erections.

Remember That Quality Counts!

While size is important, quality is even more important. Even if you decide to go through with penis enlargement, the quality of your technique will still take precedent. After all, a woman may be more impressed with a larger penis, but that won’t last long if you can’t meet her expectations between the sheets. If your moves need a bit of updating, spend some time learning new techniques and see what impact that has on your sex life.

Don’t Experiment With Your Penile Health.

There’s nothing wrong with investigating various devices or supplements to help you achieve personal goals. But when it comes to these products, don’t just go with what’s cheapest and then hope for the best. Instead, read through articles and male supplement or penile extender reviews from a variety of sources before you buy anything. Reading penile extender reviews can help you to avoid products that could cause serious damage and may even help boost the efficacy of whatever you choose. Quite often penile extender reviews include tips and tricks such as help with massage or advice on wearing a device that isn’t always included in the device’s manual.


Sexual health is about knowing your own body. Masturbation has been used to treat a variety of performance problems and can also help to prevent them. Regular masturbation gives you the ability to pick up on cues from your body as you approach orgasm and can improve stamina.

Check In With the Pros!

Forget the old clichés about “Real Men” never going to see a doctor. Book an annual check-up or a special appointment to discuss any concerns you have about your sexual health. Touching base can nip problems in the bud or prevent them entirely. Best of all, the peace of mind a clean bill of health brings means less stress and anxiety for you.


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