Can You Injure Yourself with Jelqing?


Many men turn to jelqing or penis enlargement exercises, because they seem to be the cheapest and easiest way of increasing the size of their penises.  While it’s true that they can work, it’s also true that there’s a lot more to jelqing than it seems, and for most men, it’s not an effective way of increasing the size of their erection.  Instead, you want to go with a product that has proven itself over the years.  Penis extenders not only have rave reviews from users but also from medical professionals.

Why would you want to pay for a penis extender instead of jelqing?

First of all, jelqing isn’t as simple and easy as it’s made out to be.  You have to do it exactly as the instructions say, and sometimes, they’re not very clear.  jelqingThis is especially true if you’re reading them online.  If you don’t understand exactly what you need to do, you may do it wrong.  At best, this means you won’t gain any increase in your penis size.  At worst, it means you could hurt yourself.

Jelqing isn’t done dry—you do need to use lubrication.  You also have to warm up and cool down appropriately.  The penis is a muscle, after all, and this is basically the same as doing other types of exercising.  It’s also important that you realize jelqing is not the same as masturbation.  The goal is not to orgasm, and if you’re jelqing with a full erection, you’re actually doing it wrong.

While jelqing may seem like a cheap and easy way of making your erection larger, you have to do it exactly right or you won’t get any results.  Instead of possibly wasting your time or even hurting yourself, go with something proven: most penis extenders are guaranteed to increase the size of your erection.  It’s and effective and very easy to use method.


Author: Peter

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