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Are Penis Extenders Safe?

The Fixation on Penis Enlargement

There comes a time in every man’s life when he becomes curious about the size of his penis. Some men pass through this phase quickly and move on to other curiosities in sexuality. Others fixate and incessantly compare themselves to men they see in porn or claims they find online. They suffer from a mild condition known as penile dysmorphophobia, or the fear of an unnatural penis. To combat this, these men often turn to penis enlargement gimmicks to try to increase the size of their member. Incidentally, while data is hard to come by, the consensus is that the flaccid length of the penis averages between one and four inches while the erect length is between five and seven.

Penis enlargement runs a wide gamut of legitimacy, from schemes and exercises to penis enlargement pills to machines. Many of these methods or products are designed for one purpose only — to separate a man from his money. Virtually none of them actually produce the desired results. In fact, the only one capable of producing an increase in the size of a man’s penis is a penis extender. Luckily, when used properly, a penis extender is completely safe.

What is a Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are simple machines. They use a system known as “penis traction”, which is a gentle stretching pressure applied constantly. The goal of traction is to gradually stretch and pull the muscle in the penis. It then allows the body to heal stronger and longer than before. This is the same process used in weightlifting to build muscle. They do this by gently clamping down on the man’s flaccid organ both at the base of the shaft and near the tip. Tension is applied via adjustable supports between the two clamped areas. While instructions differ from device to device, the general use is to slowly over the course of weeks or months increase the distance between clamps, applying a gentle stretch.

Some studies have shown that use of a penis extender like these devices can increase a man’s flaccid length by as much as 33%. Compare this with other methods. Pills for example are often little more than vitamins or placebos. Surgery is the most effective method, but can cause drastic loss of feeling, ugly scarring and large medical bills. Stretching by hand can work but is much less consistent, working more for stronger orgasms than for penile length. A penis extender is an all natural alternative to these methods, working simply on gentle traction and the natural healing of a body. Because of this, these extenders are one of the safest methods possible to increase the length and girth of a penis.

What Can You Use a Penis Extender For?

A penis enlargement device is for more than just men who happen to be insecure about themselves. In fact, these devices have a valid medical use as well. Not only can the device provide a slightly longer penis in men who want that enhancement but they can also correct certain mild penile disorders. The disorders are known as penile curvature and Peyronie’s Disease.

Penile curvature is something that many men have, but few men suffer from. It is characterized by a curve to the penis, either to one side or up or down. These curvatures are generally very mild and don’t cause any problems at all when having sex. It’s only when the curvature becomes more drastic that it causes problems. However, a traction device such as a penis extender can gradually straighten a curved penis in weeks or months of use. Best of all, it’s completely safe when used properly.

When a penile curvature becomes more drastic, it can cause significant problems. A large enough degree of curvature becomes known as Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s Disease is generally thought to be caused by trauma or injury to the penis, typically during sexual acts. However, often men cannot think of a specific instance that would have caused it. It can also occasionally be congenital. Men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease have trouble with their sex lives. The extreme curvature of their penis can cause unpleasantness for the second party, and sometimes even internal damage.

Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease often involves a complicated surgery. Other treatments, such as pills or radiation therapy, often do not work. A traction device such as a penis extender can help, but in severe cases of Peyronie’s Disease it will require more drastic methods. A traction device is often the best cheap alternative to surgery, simply because of the large number of negative side effects of surgery on such a sensitive organ.

How To Use a Penis Extender Safely

Every penis extender device has a set of instructions, and following them is very important. Never wear tight pants while using an extender. Many devices should not be worn at night, because of the risk of rolling over onto them incorrectly and causing them to slip off or cause damage. The device should be cleaned daily to avoid health hazards. The devices should be removed for sexual activity, exercise and to urinate. Most devices should only be used for a few hours at a time, and then removed for a period of rest and recuperation. This ensures the device is used safely.

If all of the appropriate steps are followed, using a penis extender is one hundred percent safe. There is no risk of causing damage to the penis. There is no risk of a fungal infection or other health hazard if the device is kept clean. As long as it is removed for hard activity, there will be no damage caused by violent stress. The only way one of these devices will cause damage from blood flow restrictions is if it is secured too tightly. If a blood flow restriction is caught early enough, blood can be massaged back into the penis and the damage can be reduced or removed altogether.

Penis Extender Devices are the Best Option

No matter what it is that you happen to suffer from, a penis extender device that uses traction is the best option for you. A traction device can enlarge the penis, this has been proved scientifically. It can help straighten a slightly curved penis and can help treat Peyronie’s Disease. Best of all, a traction device is completely, one hundred percent safe when used as instructed.

Traction devices used for penis enlargement or treatment of penile disorders are highly effective. Unlike pills and creams, they work. Pills and creams can cause damage at worst, or do nothing at best — a traction device works safely. Not even surgery can say that. While surgery is arguably more effective, the downsides of taking a knife to such a sensitive organ far outweigh any possible benefits.

In short, a traction based penis extender device works, works well, and is completely safe.

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