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3 Tips For Finding The Best Penis Extender

Many men agonize for quite some time before they eventually decide to take steps to deal with lack of penis size. More than likely, they have been doing research on the general nature of penis extenders and they may even have come across scientific studies that prove conclusively that these devices actually work, that they are safe and that they hold no danger of negative side effects. However, once the decision to use such a device is reached, it may be worthwhile to take some trouble to buy a quality product. Here are the top 3 tips for finding the best penis extender.

Top Tip Number 1: Research the Brand Names

Even a cursory online search will reveal that there is no shortage of suppliers of penis extenders. But which brand name and model to choose. Men are notoriously bashful about asking advice about private matters, especially matters that concern their own genitals. The best option, therefore, is to research the different brands that are available.

Suppliers sometimes make outrageous claims and it is not always wise to believe such assertions. The best bet is to look for studies, especially independent, scientific studies that compare the various brand names with each other. Authoritative, independent findings and recommendations generally carry much more weight than the claims made by manufacturers and suppliers. After reading only a view such studies, it will quickly become clear that the Quick Extender Pro seems to be the penis extender of choice and the brand name most often recommended by autonomous experts.

Factors that are taken into account when comparing different brand names with each other include the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier network, the willingness of suppliers to provide clear guarantees and after sales service, and also the ability of the supplier to address multiple sexual dysfunction issues, thereby offering a more comprehensive service.

Inevitably, however, the main focus of any independent assessment is to determine whether the product works as it is supposed to do, whether it is safe and to use and whether it is the cause of any negative side effects. Other factors such as the use of the latest technology are naturally also taken into consideration. Therefore, researching the brand names that are available is the first step that should be taken toward a buying decision.

Top Tip Number 2: Research the Technology Used in the Manufacture of the Penis Extenders

In the past, penis extenders featured a single strap system that held certain inherent disadvantages. For one, the single flat strap made it difficult for the penis to breathe, causing a real danger of bacteria growth that can easily lead to bad smells and even infections. These systems furthermore are more than likely to distribute pressure on the penis unevenly, causing too much pressure on certain parts of the penis shaft. This may lead to chafing and even excruciating pain and discomfort.

What technology should one look out for then? Firstly, the ideal penis extender should not cause any slippage whatsoever. The penis shaft and head should be held in place firmly yet gently. Under no circumstances should there be any form of chafing either, since this may lead to nasty secondary side effects. Rather than just one, two tubes should be employed, preferably manufactured with medical grade materials.

Reputable manufacturers and suppliers are more than willing to reveal the technology employed in the design, development and manufacture of their products. If this information is unobtainable, a red flag should immediately be raised and one should ask oneself why the manufacturer is unwilling to share the information. After all, in order to make an informed decision, consumers need as much information as possible.

Top Tip Number 3: Have a Good Look at Relevant Penis Extender Review Sites

There are many sites that deal with a large variety of aids, devices, potions and cures for just about any form of male sexual dysfunction. Many of these sites are not directly connected to any specific product or brand name, and can therefore provide an accurate indication regarding the effectiveness of the various products under review.

This first stop should be user reviews, in effect feedback from people that have actually used the products in question and that are willing to tell all about their personal experiences. Modern consumers are sophisticated and if a product is particularly bad, those that have been hoodwinked will make sure that other consumers do not fall into the same trap. In the same vein, a consumer who’s expectations have been met or even exceeded often like to share this information with other consumers. Other factors to look for when reading these reviews include after sales service, ease of use and clear user instructions and the willingness of the supplier to communicate with customers and to answer questions.

Do not stop at customer reviews, however. There are many professional reviewers that compare the merits of various products with each other and who report in an unbiased, objective manner. This may be the best way in which to compare the various brand names with each other. Professional reviewers do not easily make firm recommendations because their status as independent experts may be compromised if they are thought to tote a specific brand name.


In essence the, the secret weapon against abuse and disappointment when looking for a quality penis extender is to conduct thorough research, to ask questions and to find out the opinions of both other customers and independent reviewers. If there are any reports that is the result of exhaustive scientific studies, even better. Bona fide researchers will never compromise their findings by publishing lies of half-truths, especially if they are connected to official academic and medical authorities.


Author: Peter

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