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Why Men Lack Passion And What Can Be Done About It

Science and medicine have done wonders in the last several decades to improve male sexual health and performance. They’ve given us medications to help deal with ED, they’ve provided supplements to help increase libido and stop premature ejaculation, and they’ve taught us exercises we can use to improve our overall performance. Throw in a seemingly endless parade of “how to” books, DVDs, and cable TV shows, and it appears as though there should be no reason why a man is unable to please his partner.

Yet The Problem Persists

Why Men Lack Passion And What Can Be Done About ItUnfortunately, one of the things that often get missed when couples are experiencing intimacy problems is the idea of passion. Let’s face it guys, you would be nonplussed at a football game if your home team was spanking the opponent while the fans were acting as though they weren’t interested in being at the game. If that kind of experience is no fun at the ballpark, why would you expect it to be different in the bedroom?

The lack of passion in our lives is slowly killing many of the pursuits that have long been traditionally male. It’s not good. In the bedroom a lack of passion is killing sexual relationships to the point that couples are seeking satisfaction elsewhere. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. By understanding the causes of a lack of passion it’s possible to solve the problem and regain a satisfying sex life.

Some of the Causes

The causes of a lack of passion in men include both emotional and physical issues. Since the list of potential causes is long we’ve included only a few of the most common ones here. They are:

  • Emotional Distance – Nature has pretty clearly shown us that female emotions tend to be more volatile and accessible and thus, more easily displayed. Men tend to be less emotional in most cases. Yet emotions play a huge role in sexual passion and thus, it’s easy to become dispassionate if we allow our emotions to disconnect from our partners. Maintaining an emotional connection through shared activities, conversation, and shared sacrifice is necessary to maintain passion in a relationship.
  • Fear of Failure – Despite the generalization that men don’t care about their partners, the exact opposite is the real truth. For most men the sexual experience is not fulfilling unless they know they have successfully pleased their partners. Therefore, a man who consistently feels like a failure may eventually just give up and stop trying. Fear of failure is a passion killer.
  • Loss of Libido – Libido does affect passion in the bedroom, but not on the way you might think. Where the two are connected is in the area of self-confidence. As a man’s libido is reduced because of age or other circumstances, his self-confidence also begins to diminish. And if he starts believing he’s no longer the stud muffin of his youth is passion can go by the wayside.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

Like a lot of things in our lives, we can prevent a minor situation from becoming a serious one by learning to recognize the warning signs and dealing with them immediately. In terms of a lack of sexual passion men should be concerned about:

  • Excessive fantasies about other women
  • Obsession with pornography
  • Emotional attraction to other women
  • Lack of motivation to do your best in the bedroom

Keeping the Passion Alive

Keeping the passion aliveIf you notice any of the above warning signs you may be on the road to becoming the male equivalent of the “cold fish.” Don’t let it happen. Be proactive in changing your life and outlook so that you passion for your partner remains high. You might try some of the following suggestions:

  • Get out and Enjoy Life – One of the primary reasons are relationships suffer in 21st-century is the fact that we are so bogged down with responsibilities. While all responsibility cannot be avoided, couples need to take the time to get out and enjoyed doing things together that stir the passions. Look for things that make you laugh, cause excitement, and breed romance. The more your emotions are connected the more passion you’ll become.
  • Reduce Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs – Truth be known, passion is an emotional response to certain stimuli. Tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs all interfere with the body’s chemical systems in ways that affect emotional responses. All three are passion killers, so get rid of them.
  • Daily Supplementation – Male Enhancement pills or another similar supplement can do wonders for libido and performance fears. They help balance the body’s systems, encourage the natural production of testosterone, and improve endurance and energy levels. When your body is working more efficiently it’s easier to be passionate.

Men, it’s time for us to put the passion back in the bedroom. We can do it if we put our minds to it.


Author: Peter

Peter is an experienced author specializing in men's health issues. He started Totalpenishealth.com in 2007 and is dedicated to continue to grow the website to become a recognized resource for men worldwide.