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Want to Improve Your Performance? The Check List You Need to Read BEFORE You Buy a Penile Extender


Ask any group of guys who are willing to be honest and chances are at least half of them will admit they want to improve their sex life. Whether it’s about addressing their own body issues, improving their overall techniques or even learning a new position – it seems like there’s always something worth improving upon. But male sexuality simply isn’t discussed in public in the same way female sexuality is in magazines such as Cosmopolitan or Elle as well as a variety of one off articles in most mainstream women’s magazines.

For men, on the other hand, there remains a strange taboo about discussing sexuality in any sensible way. Men’s magazines may be filled with tips on how to mix the perfect drink, how to tie a tie that makes you look like James Bond or even stories about amazing one-night stands sent in from readers but if a guy needs help dealing with flagging libido or performance problems he’s usually out of luck. As a result, most guys simply try one device or piece of advice after another hoping that one of them will work and that they’ll suddenly have the sex life they’ve been dreaming about.

Performance Improvement – What it Really Takes

ChecklistFor men who truly want to improve their performance and their satisfaction in the bedroom, a multi-pronged approach is best. First and foremost, many men believe penis enlargement is the magic ticker to improving performance. While these kinds of devices can be helpful, men shouldn’t run out and buy the first one they find. Instead, smart shopper will read through penile extender reviews on a variety of websites in order to get a clear idea on what options there are and the experiences of fellow men.

Before taking the first step to buy a penis extender, men should also consider what other steps they will take in order to improve their performance. Once they have an idea of what they’re willing to do, they can then consider the steps each one needs in order to achieve his ultimate goal – a better sex life.

The checklist for male sexual improvement – including the supporting steps each one requires – should look a little like this for the average guy.

Penis Enlargement

  • Decide just how much length you need
  • Read through penile extender reviews to learn about specific models
  • Compare prices, return policies and customer satisfaction

Boosting Libido

  • Clean up your diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Improve physical fitness to improve stamina
  • Read through male enhancement and penile extender reviews as these often also mention supplements, specific exercises and other options for improving libido


  • Browse through books such as the Kama Sutra for ideas
  • Pick up a dew DVDs or illustrated books to share with your partner
  • Keep up with physical fitness training in order to be limber and flexible enough to try just about anything

This simple checklist takes the three most common issues – penis size, libido and technique – and breaks them down into simple, achievable tasks that can make improving your sex life as simple and easy as possible. That’s not to say the program won’t require work on your part – far from it. Breaking each section down into these simple tasks, however, can make the job easier to handle and also makes it seem less overwhelming.

Buying a penis enlargement device is now a common way for men to work on improving their sex life and boosting their confidence. However, it’s not the only step they should take in order to achieve their bigger goal. Taking time to address the major areas they would like to improve while working on size issues can help to ensure their program for improving performance is truly successful.


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