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Jelqing is an ancient technique for adding size to the male sexual organ without the need for surgeries or external devices. is now in the process of researching the topic and compiling information they will present on their website sometime in 2013. (TPH), a website devoted to offering the most accurate information about male enhancement and enlargement, has announced plans to include a new site section covering the topic of Jelqing as comprehensively as possible. The section is slated to debut sometime in 2013.

Though hasn’t made any specific details available to this point, it’s expected they will treat the subject with the same unbiased objectivity given to the other subjects found on their website. The owners of the site are known to use information provided by a panel of experts who volunteer their contributions in order to provide the necessary information. It’s not known whether the site’s current panel of experts will be consulted on Jelqing or whether new experts will be brought on board.

Jelqing is an ancient technique used to add length and girth to the male sexual organ safely and effectively, without the need for invasive surgeries or potentially dangerous consumer products. It’s believed to date back to ancient Egypt and/or Africa. Today the technique is still practiced among some African tribes in combination with traction. The relationship between the two will most likely be part of the TPH research.

Proponents of Jelqing claim that, when done properly, real size can be added permanently. The idea behind Jelqing is to increase blood flow to the penile tissue as well as encourage cell growth by exposing the soft tissue to mild stress. It’s believed by some that regular Jelqing for 6 to 12 months can produce real results in most men.

The exact launch date of the new website section has not yet been set in stone, but in the interim readers are encouraged to bring themselves up to speed by reading the site’s product reviews and blog posts. TPH provides reviews on enlargement devices and oral supplements, as well as informational blog posts about male enhancement topics in general. You can find all this information, and more, at

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